Worldwide Cyclery/Yeti Cycles Demo Day

Last weekend, we hosted our first demo day with Yeti Cycles in Thousand Oaks and had an amazing turnout. Over 70 riders came out to demo different models including the SB4.5c, SB5c, SB6c, ASRc, and SB5c Beti. Everyone was super impressed with all of the bikes and couldn’t stop talking about how great they all rode.

Worldwide Cyclery Yeti Demo Day

Buying a new mountain bike can be a very tough decision and we know first-hand everything that goes into the process of making that choice. That’s why when Yeti approached us to do a demo day, we thought it would be a great idea! Being the only authorized Yeti dealer in Ventura County, we have a lot of people who come into our shop asking about the brand: What is Switch Infinity? How does the bike pedal? Should I get a SB5c or a SB6c? Is a Yeti better than (insert brand here)? All of these are valid questions and can easily be answered once you get on a Yeti and test it out for yourself.  Some riders that came out were serious about buying a Yeti, others just wanted to see for themselves how awesome Yeti bikes actually perform on the trail. Either way we were happy to help get every bike dialed in for the rider so that they could have the ultimate riding experience.

Worldwide Cyclery Yeti Demo Day

It was awesome to be able to talk to everyone about their time on the bike and how they felt when comparing to their current bike. Some people were coming off hardtails and looking to ride a shorter travel 29er while others were looking to make a switch from their current 5” and 6” travel bikes. Whatever type of riding you do on the trail, Yeti makes a bike that you will absolutely love. The brand new Yeti SB4.5c got a lot of praise – this bike is a mid travel 29er that absolutely shreds and is the perfect bike for just about all the Southern California trails. For the riders who like to descend, we put them on the SB6c and everyone we talked to loved the bike and was surprised with how efficient the bike pedaled in relation to it being such a monster on the downhills, all thanks to the Switch Infinity platform. The Yeti SB5c was also well received by everyone and happens to be one of our favorite bikes here at the shop. It is great for our local trails because the 5" of travel gives it plenty of opportunities to boogie on the downhills while still being able to climb in an efficient manner.

Worldwide Cyclery Yeti Demo Day

It’s not every day that you get to come out and demo a Yeti and we were stoked to be able to provide this opportunity for an awesome group of people. Thanks to all those who supported the Worldwide Cyclery demo day with Yeti and we hope to see everyone in the shop or out on the trail!


For those interested in purchasing a Yeti, please feel free to come by the shop in Newbury Park, call us at 805-375-4525 or shoot us an email at Every Yeti comes with a few different build kits or if you want, you can custom build your own. We specialize in custom builds and can dial in a bike exactly how you want it.

Worldwide Cyclery Yeti Demo Day

November 30, 2015

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