Introducing: The Niner WFO 9

In re-designing the WFO 9, Niner created a bike that doesn’t really fit in to any specific category. A 29” bike with a slack head angle and 150/160mm of travel puts this bike almost out of the All-Mountain category and into gravity territory. A 29” gravity bike, are they insane?! While those who are comfortable climbing will be just fine on the WFO 9, its bread and butter is dropping into a nice downhill section and going wherever you point the damn thing. The 29” wheels will naturally soak up some of the hits while the longer wheelbase lets you control exactly where you want the bike to go.

Niner WFO 9 - Worldwide CycleryThe ever so glorious, redesigned Niner WFO 9

The frame on the Niner WFO-9 is constructed from aluminum, going against the norm of a carbon frame on most new releases. Bold move you might think? Niner knows how to work their way around aluminum and this frame was no exception. In shaping this frame, Niner uses a technique in which they shape the tubes with compressed air which allows them to control the thickness of the frame, thus resulting in less material used. The new frame (measured from a medium) comes in at 7.3 lbs which is almost a pound lighter than the previous 8 pound model. As with the rest of the Niner bikes, the WFO 9 comes equipped with their patented Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) technology which is specifically tuned for the RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 shock which just so happens to be one of our favorite shocks. This suspension technology paired with the RockShox monarch creates for a faster and smoother ride both uphill and downhill. Geometry has also been revised over the previous WFO 9 – we are talking shorter chain stays, slacker head tube angle (right in between 67 and 66 degrees), shorter head tube, shorter top tube, lower BB height and a lower stand over. The bike features external routing for both the dropper post as well as the other housings which can be convenient at times, but doesn’t look as clean as some other bikes that feature internal cable routing.

Niner WFO 9 - Worldwide Cyclery

 The midsection of the WFO 9...

We have not had the chance to ride this bike yet but we are definitely excited for the opportunity to ride a bike that is pretty much in a class of its own. Niner is dedicated to the 29” platform and a lot of design and testing surely went into creating this machine. Stay tuned for a full ride report on the Niner WFO 9.

If you are interested in riding this bike, we currently have a medium available for demo! We are one of the few bike shops in Ventura County where you can demo a Niner so come on in and get set up for a demo ride! Purchasing a bike can be a huge decision and we definitely want you to feel comfort able on the bike before you make that big decision. Click here to read more about our amazing demo program. Our shop is located in Newbury Park, CA which is nestled in the hills above the Pacific Ocean about an hour north of Los Angeles. We offer some great local trails here right by the shop so just contact us or stop by the shop to set up your Niner demo! 

Shop Niner Bikes - Niner bikes are not available for sale on our website, please contact us at 805-375-4525 or email us at to inquire about purchasing a Niner.

Niner Bikes - Worldwide Cyclery

November 16, 2015

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