5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products: August 2019 [Video]


Another month another top 5 video! This time with some really popular products ranging from Maxxis's newly release Dissector Tire designed by Troy Brosnan to eco-friendly Tire Sealant form Stan's and Degreaser from Park Tool. Scroll down to check out our full list of ridiculously popular products for August!

Maxxis Dissector Tire: $60 -$72

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - Maxxis Dissector TireThe Maxxis Dessector tire happens to be Maxxis’ newest trail and downhill tire, and it's also our top-selling tire for the month of August. Designed by Troy Brosnan for dry, fast-rolling conditions - it is a great rear tire to the Assegai or a front on a trail bike. With an updated tread pattern, the Dissector might be the best grip to rolling resistance I have ridden yet. We also happen to have a full video and blog on this tire when it first came out earlier this month. It's good, it is really good.


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Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chainbrite, Chain Cleaner/Degreaser 16oz Bottle: $14.95

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - Park Tool Chain BriteThe Chainbrite is Park Tool chain and part degreaser, that happens to be 100% biodegradable. This degreaser works well with any chain cleaner or on a scrubber to remove dirt and debris from the chain, chainrings, cassettes and any many other parts on your bike. Keep your drivetrain clean and your bike quiet.

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Sram Code RSC Front and Rear Disc Brakeset: $245 each

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - SRAM Code RSC BrakeThe SRAM Code RSC is SRAM’s most powerful brake in their line up. With a bigger fluid reservoir and larger pistons than the Guide and new G2 brakes, they will stop the fastest and best riders out there. With so much power, these brakes are truly downhill bike rated and often find their way onto some long-travel trail bikes. With a snappy lever feel, great modulation and consistent braking, there is a reason why they are the shop favorites.

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Truvativ/SRAM Team GXP English Threaded Bottom Bracket: $34.20

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - SRAM TruVativ GXP Threaded BBIf you have SRAM cranks that use a GXP spindle, as many bikes do, and your bike takes a threaded BB and not a Press Fit, as many bikes do, then this is the bottom bracket you need! Whether you are looking for a replacement or to build a new bike, this is one of the most common bottom brackets we use at the shop. Not much to it, but a new bottom bracket is a fast bottom bracket.


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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Tire Sealant: $28

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - Stan's Tubeless Tire SealantIf you run tubeless tires, at some point you will also need more tubeless sealant. With normal riding, it's possible that after 6-12 weeks of riding, your sealant might dry out or harden up, so it's important to check every so often so you don't end up being that buddy on the trail with a flat. Stan’s is one of the first names in tubeless mountain sealant and they have since refined their sealant to be at the top of the tubeless market. It's also non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-corrosive so it's safe to throw out and dispose of when needed.

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FOX Float CTD/DPS Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit: $20

Top 5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products for 2019 - Fox Shox Volume SpacersVolume spacers for any shock are the key to getting the best suspension setup possible. The most common scenario is that you are at proper sag for pedaling performance and small bump compliance, but you end up using all of your travel too often. This is a great time to start using volume spacers. This kit is made for 2013 or newer Fox CTD or DPS air shocks. These are most common on bikes with 100-130mm travel and sometimes more. If you're not sure what model Fox rear shock you have, there is typically a small 4 digit tune code on the shock - type that into Fox Shox bike help page and it will let you know not only what shock you have but what volume spacer comes in the shock, allowing you to add or remove volume spacers as needed. So if you want to get the best performance out of your rear shock and you also have a Fox CTD or CPS air shock, you should check these out!

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Revel Rascal 29" Mountain Bike: $2,799 - $9,999

Revel Rascal 29er - Worldwide CycleryThe Revel Rascal has been a popular option at the shop lately, both with customers and employees. With 29” wheels and 130mm rear 140mm front travel, this bike rips all things and is what you might say, a quiver killer. It might not be the first pick for a bike park, but I don't think it couldn't handle it with the way these Rascal ride and maintain their composure. With CBF suspension, the Rascal both pedals efficiently and soaks up hits and bumps as you need. We have already put out a full review on this bike with both a video and a blog, but it was also our highest selling bike this month. 


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August 31, 2019

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