WTB Volt Saddle Titanium: Rider Review

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There are only a few key mountain bike components that you don't want to skimp on and it's not the brakes. Given the number of hours in the saddle, if it's uncomfortable it can really ruin your experience. Our friend George gives us his opinion on the WTB Volt Titanium Saddle. Check it out!

WTB Volt Saddle Titanium Rider Review


Saddles are a very personal choice and fitment varies based on rider comfort so making a choice without testing first is always difficult. I knew I wanted a saddle that offered a little more comfort and had a slightly shorter nose so I began searching for a good fit. I have used WTB saddles in the past and have loved them, including the tried and true Silverado saddle so I even after looking at several comparison reviews and different manufacturers saddles from SDG, Ergon, and Deity I knew I was probably going to stick with WTB. I thought, great! this should be easy. But come to find out that WTB offers a wide array of saddles all on their own. This includes styles, sizes, and materials that allow you to basically custom fit a saddle.

WTB Volt Saddle Titanium Rider Review

Luckily, WTB recently redid their fitment system and has also added a pretty slick fitment wizard to their website. You plug in some basic information and measurements and WTB spits out a couple of great options that will fit you based on your size, body type, and riding style. I found it pretty easy to use and the options that it came up with still allowed for some choices. I ended up selecting the WTB Volt Titanium saddle as the best all-around saddle for my needs. I still had to choose what material frame rail I wanted and the Volt offers steel, Chromoly, titanium, and even plastic fantastic (carbon fiber)! Who said picking a new saddle was easy??? Haha. I have mostly stuck with Chromoly frame rails in the past as they are strong and generally maintenance-free. This time however I figured I'd mix it up a bit and went for the bling titanium frame rail option.

WTB Volt Saddle Titanium Rider Review
Upon receiving the Volt I was shocked at its lightness. This thing is LIGHT! Compared to my other WTB saddle which isn't a brick by any means, I still noticed the gram strategy at work here even without a scale. I'm sure the weights aren't that far off one another but every bit helps on my big fat Hightower! Installing the saddle was pretty straight forward on my OneUp Dropper post. I did check the torque specs to make sure I didn't overtighten as this is the first time working with titanium frame rails. It was easy enough to make some minor adjustments so fitment was where I liked it.

WTB Volt Saddle Titanium Rider Review

Final Thoughts

Nothing too crazy or different from any other saddle in this regard. I haven't had a chance to ride too extensively on this saddle yet as its the deep dark cold winter now but on my short test rides, I noticed right away how comfortable it was and just know I'm going to enjoy riding on it. Now, we just need to wait for spring to spring so I can get back out to my trails and ride!

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May 16, 2020

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