WTB Vigilante and Trail Boss: Rider Review

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With a history dating back to the mid-'80s, you know WTB (wilderness trail bikes) has some experience when it comes to making MTB tires. They even helped develop some of the first Specialized tires. Riders can depend on a trustworthy and trust inspiring tire combo as long as the WTB heat patch is stamped into the sidewall. This is just what Steve did as he hopped onto a Vigilante, Trail Boss combo. Let's see what he thought!

Steve's Review

I love this tire combo for all the trail riding I do. I am no dirt hero but I love to ride out on the single track with the city life left behind! The Vigilante! Super Chunk! Huge side knobbies and center lugs that keep the front on track! This tire grips just like my 5.10s do to my flats! Simply AWESOME! Just yesterday I was descending down a rooted/rock riddled single track on my Tallboy 29er and all I needed to do was point my rig in the center of all that chunk and this tire lead the way through!

WTB Vigilante and Trail Boss Tire Review

Now the Trail Boss has its AWESOMENESS as well!! The is a super rear trail tire! When climbing or braking it digs and holds on the ground for complete control. Again just yesterday while on my assent to the top of the ridge there are a few slow climb hill crests you have to maneuver up and over with a turn at the top. The Trail Boss HOOKS to the trail like Velcro! This makes for some excellent technical trail climbing!!

Final Thoughts

"Oh, and I must mention that running the WTB Vigilante and Trailboss tubeless is the ONLY way to really wake these tire up! I recommend somewhere around 25 psi, you run with less for sure but I wouldn't go much higher than 25. The HUGE knobbies work awesome at flexing through the terrain gripping everything they roll over. WTB TCS system keeps the tires' beads LOCKED to my WTB KOM i29 rims beautifully!! My first experience with this combo was on my Hardtail 29er also WTB TCS with Frequency i25 rims!! AWESOME! I have no need to ever tire shop again... These ARE My Tire's of choice, they work! Thank the Trail GODS we have WoldWide Cyclery to provide us DoItYourSelfers with all this AWESOME customer service, components, gear, accessories, etc.. all at GREAT prices and M***F**** Free Shipping!! Yes!! RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Steve Burt

WTB Vigilante and Trail Boss Tire Review

WTB Vigilante and Trail Boss Tire Review

October 19, 2019

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