WTB Ranger TCS Light Fast Rolling 29x3.0 Tires: Customer Review

Here in this review, our customer Mathew Reid says not to knock plus sized tires until you try it. Mathew is riding on some WTB Ranger TCS Light Fast Rolling tires that are 29" x 3.0". If you are looking to get a set of plus sized wheels built up, this may be the tire for the job!

WTB Ranger TCS Tire Review


I recently purchased a set of WTB Ranger TCS Light Fast Rolling Tires in the 29 x 3.0 size and some Stan's No Tubes Sealant. I own a 2017 Salsa Fargo which is capable of running 29+ wheels, so I thought I would give it a try and see what all the chatter on forums is about. I decided to go with the WTB Ranger Light Fast Rolling model because I use the bike mainly for bike packing and long gravel rides. My intention was to try and keep the weight as low as possible with these massive tires!

WTB Ranger TCS Tire ReviewPerformance and Final Thoughts

I am running a set of Stan's Sentry rims, and these tires mounted up easily with a shot of air from the air compressor. I put about 3oz of the Stan's sealant in each wheel, and the wheels have not lost pressure since. The tires measure almost exactly 74mm at the knobs on the 32mm internal width rim. I run them at 12 psi in the front and 13.5 psi in the rear. The tires and sealant have been flawless. If you have not tried 29+ yet, you owe yourself to add one to the fleet. It is unstoppable once rolling. The high volume tires make a rigid bike feel "almost" like it has a bit of suspension. Don't knock it till you try it!

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March 28, 2018

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