WTB KOM Tough i29 TCS Rim: Rider Review

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Choosing some fresh hoops for your rig is tough because there are so many options with great reputations. WTB has been around for longer than most people have been riding. Trusting their KOM Rims shouldn't be a tough decision to make. Steve recently built up a custom set of wheels laced to the WTB KOM Tough Rims. Let's see what he thought!

Steve's Review:

"Love me some WTB TCS! This is the i29 Tough version. Like the Frequency line up, this rim is built for bashing, WTB's words! hehe had me sold! When I build my wheels I want them to last. Not only being strong but keep it TRUE. Laced up with proper tension any good rim will keep things in place with minimal movement... KOM i29 works very well!"

WTB KOM i29 Tough Rim Review

"This is the second wheelset I have laced up using WTB rims. I love the cross-drilled spoke holes! Makes for nice and even tension from side to side keeping those spokes nice and straight. Start off with all the spokes laced up and each nipple down to the very last thread showing. After the dish setting, it just a matter of bringing on the tension.. very little amounts of run-out to adjust. WTB rims just work and they WORK great! Plus you add the WTB TCS tire to the rim you will need a compressor to set the bead on these bad boys! When inflating to set the beads ...ffsssshhhhh (air flowing in) then PING POW PING!!! Holy hell, now that is a TRUE Bead Set! No question about it! Love that! Tubeless setup only requires ONE wrap of tape, no need for multiple wraps and normally, I can get it to seal with just over 2 oz. of sealant!!" - Steve

WTB KOM i29 Tough Rim Review

September 09, 2019

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