WTB Koda Saddle: Employee Review

When looking for a saddle, it gets a little overwhelming due to how many different saddles/saddle companies to choose from. We got the chance to review a saddle from one of the most well-known companies that make some of the best saddles in the game. We got our hands on the WTB Koda saddle, the saddle is focused more on female shredders, but I do have to say, I may be picking one up for myself after this.

WTB Koda Saddle employee review

First Impressions

Taking the saddle out of the box, I was impressed with the looks of it. The saddle has a wide back end for seat bone support and an open channel to relieve pressure on the neither regions. I do have to say I didn’t know it was a female-focused saddle until I did some research on the saddle. WTB made the Koda saddle solely from female input which is freakin awesome. The saddle we received came with Chromoly rails, microfiber cover, a flex tune shell, and gel padding. Also, with very little marking, just a matte black saddle it’ll go with any bike if you swap saddles from old bike to new.

WTB koda saddle employee review

On The Trail

The first ride on this saddle I jumped straight into the deep end, long climbs and steep descents with a total saddle time of four hours. This saddle is no joke and the best saddle I’ve ridden. In my XC years, one season I went through about 10-20 saddles to try and find the right one, pretty bummed I didn’t find this saddle. On long, steep climbs the saddle has great support in the exact areas you want support and no support where you don’t want support which makes things go numb. When I saw that the saddle had gel padding, I wasn’t too stoked on that because past experiences with gel saddles is that they have too much padding and feel like there’s no real support in the saddle. WTB hit the balance with a just enough padding and just enough support to make it comfortable.

WTB Koda saddle employee review

The only con I found with this saddle is that the back end of the saddle was a little too wide for my liking when it comes to riding steep chutes, drops, and jumps. When getting back behind the bike, my legs would hit the back end of the saddle because it sticks out so much. But if I gave it more time, I would get used to it and prevent my legs from hitting.

WTB Koda saddle employee review

Final Thoughts

After a month of testing the WTB Koda saddle, I grew to love it. From long rides with big climbs, to having fun at Sierra Vista Bike Park without a chamois, this saddle will defiantly be on my next bike. Like WTB said, “Female focused but loved by all.” The Koda saddle is for someone who wants a saddle that splits the difference from just enough padding and support for long hours in the saddle.

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March 02, 2020

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