WTB Asym i29 TCS Rim: Rider Review

Looking to build a set of wheels on a budget? If so, the WTB Asym i29 TCS Rim is going to be your best friend. The Asym features an asymmetrical design to evenly distribute tension and makes dishing a thing of the past. In this review, our customer Lee wanted a strong set of wheels for the park and decided on WTB. Check out his thoughts!

WTB Asym i29 TCS Rim Review


I wanted to build a strong wheel for the downhill park days. Weight didn’t matter and strength was the number one factor. I went with the WTB Asym I29 27.5 rim built up to a Hadley DH hub using double spokes and brass nipples. This rim is stout and easy to build up due to the Asym design. It allows the spoke to have almost equal tension which makes the bracing angles better. It all equates to a stronger wheel.

WTB Asym i29 TCS Rim: Rider Review


All of that above sounds good in theory. Now how does it really perform? Well, the short answer is... damn this thing can handle anything. I have been to the bike park numerous times. Went down some chunky stuff, hit drops, jumps and the WTB Asym rim is still straight and true. Haven’t even lost any tension on the spokes either. To prove how strong these rims are, I cased a jump pretty hard. I thought for sure the rim was done for. To my surprise, it survived, even stayed true. I’ve dented other rims just riding through rock gardens. Most go out of true after riding aggressively. The WTB Asym i29 is one of the strongest rims I have built up and ridden.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a strong rim that’s easy to build and weight is not a big deal, the WTB Asym i29 rim is for you.

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November 22, 2018

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