Worldwide Cyclery Custom MTB Fork Fender: Rider Review

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Tired of getting poo all over your face when riding? Get yourself a damn MTB fork fender! We have spent countless hours developing our custom WC fork fender and are proud to say it will successfully defend your face in all riding conditions. Our customer Ben has been using it for the past few months and is here to share his thoughts!

Worldwide Cyclery MTB fork fender rider review


If you look at the picture of my bike with my fork fender installed, you can tell I thoroughly tested this product. I've had the Worldwide Cyclery Fork Fender for about two months now. I used to take pride in riding without a fork fender or mudguard but as wet as this Winter has been in North Carolina, that's just not a viable option. I reluctantly bought the WC Fork Fender thinking I'd only use was raining or just rained but that quickly changed after I installed the product.

Installation and First Impressions

The fender fit like a glove on with my 130mm RockShox Recon fork. Not only did it fit but it actually made my bike look better. The sleek design makes the fender look like it was meant to be on my fork. After riding with the product once, I knew I'd be keeping the fender on my bike. It has done an amazing job of keeping mud out of my face and I've used it in the wettest of conditions. There are a few disclaimers that should be known before purchasing this product. On at least 2 occasions, I have still gotten some mud on my face despite the fender being on the bike. After about an hour of riding or once you've ridden enough to accumulate some mud on your tires, the mud can cake up underneath the fender and cause for little pieces to not be blocked. It was not the end of the world nor a lot of mud but it's worth noting that it does not stop all mud. I believe the longer fenders would eliminate this problem but I'm not a fan of the longer fenders. The longer fenders just don't look as natural on a bike as the shorter ones.

Worldwide Cyclery MTB Fork fender

Lastly, it should be known that this fender attaches to your forks via four zip ties. When I first realized this it felt like a cheap solution but after thinking about it, I can't think of a better solution. There is a silver lining to the zip ties, they allow for the fender to be removed quickly and with only a pair of scissors. So there's a small tradeoff when deciding on which fender to go with. I'd gladly sacrifice a little missed mud for a sleeker fender on my bike that just looks better but that may just be me. So the only real downside is the zip ties and as I said, I can't think of a better solution.

Final Thoughts

If you're on the fence about buying this product. I'd definitely go for it. For less than $15 you aren't going to find a more "bang for your buck" MTB product. Also, who doesn't want to rep the best online MTB shop around every time you ride. 

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May 08, 2020

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