World's Best Kazoo In Purple Nurple Durple: Rider Review

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What better way to spend your Saturday then making motorcycle noises in front of the TV with your shiny new Kazoo? Our customer John knows exactly what we are talking about which is why he picked up a Purple Nurple Durple Kazoo from us! Check out his review to learn more!

World's Best Kazoo In Purple Nurple Durple: Rider Review


This review is for the PURPLE NURPLE DURPLE KAZOO that I received about a month ago from I have ordered many different mountain bike products from WWC in the past, but none of them have come close to having such a profound impact on my life as the world's best kazoo.

Build Quality

The body seems to be made of some sort of titanium/aluminum hybrid (I could be wrong) that is both extremely lightweight and super durable. Not sure whether or not the purple color is painted or anodized, but the finish is flawless. The kazoo body is made of two halves, but it is smooth with no rough edges and under normal circumstances feels like it will last a lifetime. The threaded part on top that holds down the diaphragm turns easily and smoothly and has yet to come loose during use.

World's Best Kazoo In Purple Nurple Durple


The smooth sides provide all-day comfort and it is the exact right size to fit perfectly in the corner of the mouth, which is where I find I get optimal sound quality. Also, you can vary the tone a bit by adjusting the tension on the diaphragm. Here is a quick story to illustrate just how good this kazoo really is. I sent a video to my cousin the other day of my son and I following a POV motocross session on the TV while I was using the kazoo to make some awesome 2-stroke sounds (like in the picture I posted), and he actually asked me what video game I was playing. He showed the video to his wife and she asked the same thing. I think this just proves that if you want to annoy everyone around you with constant 2-stroke noises then there is no better tool for the job than the world’s best kazoo from WWC. (I’m sure you can make other sounds with the kazoo than that of a 2-stroke dirt bike, but who would do such a thing?)

Fun Factor

This kazoo is unquestionably the single best item I have purchased during these trying times, as it has provided many hours of much-needed entertainment for my one-year-old son. Every time he sees me get out the kazoo he immediately begins to smile because he knows we are going to do something fun. From dragging my son around the house in an old diaper box (kazoo provides the race car engine noises) to pretending he’s an airplane, or even just riding around the neighborhood on your bicycle pretending you have a 2-stroke engine, the possibilities for fun with this kazoo are only limited by your imagination. I know for many people money might be a little tight right now, but if you can swing the purchase, you will not regret buying this kazoo.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think you can tell from my review that I am very pleased with my purchase. Fast shipping, great products, and excellent customer service are all things that I have come to expect from WWC and I will continue shopping at WWC for all my cycling needs. I hope to someday be able to make it to the shop to meet everyone, and just maybe even get some kazoo lessons from the master himself.

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February 11, 2020

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