Wolftooth B-Rad 4 Base Mount: Customer Review

Looking for some extra storage while on the bike? The Wolf Tooth B-Rad system can be used to store additional water bottles, tubes, pumps, and other riding essentials. Check out this customers review to learn more!

Wolf Tooth B-Rad Base mount customer review


I've tried the B-Rad 3 Base Mount and now the B-Rad 4 base mount. I like to race local enduro races and compete so my review is from the perspective of an enduro racer, not a bike-packer. I've been trying to ditch the backpack for a while but never could securely fit everything on my bike to where it wasn't going to damage my frame yet still be accessible...until now. I have a large Knolly Warden Carbon and can now easily bring everything I need. Using just the holes for the water bottle mount I can easily slide the B-Rad rail up and down for the perfect fit.

Set Up and Performance

Currently, I have my Fix-It-Sticks attached at the bottom with a water bottle cage mounted on top of that, in the middle I have an adapter that allows 2 CO2 canisters to be threaded on, and up top, I have a spare tube with tire levers attached using the Wolf Tooth B-Rad strap. It took a couple tries to get it all to fit but once I did it has been perfect on the trail. There's lots of adjustability with this setup. My setup currently fits a 20oz water bottle with ease. The 24oz insulated Camel Back bottle fits but the top touches my spare tube. (If your frame has more room than mine the tube could be mounted higher up)

Overall this is awesome, no more backpack, all my necessary gear, not very heavy, and looks clean. It may not be as concealed as OneUp but doesn't require tapping anything and the overall cost is lower.

Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD 4 Base Mount customer review


  • I can finally ditch my backpack, even on longer rides.
  • Allows for more fitment possibilities than the 3, more threaded holes to allow for a very custom fit.
  • Solid and clean construction, not very noticeable on the frame
  • Shifter and brake cables can be zip-tied to it for clean cable routing (a few spots where it was milled out for that purpose)
  • Lighter than a backpack, comparable to a fanny pack.
  • Perfect for those who want to load their frames up with everything and allows for other attachments (strap, double bottle, fix it sticks, pumps, etc.)


  • Not as enduro as using duct tape and a banana.
  • The bike has to have a water bottle mount.
  • Might be too long for some frames (go with the B-rad 3) and may not fit well on very curved frames.

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August 08, 2018

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