Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action Dropper Lever [Rider Review]

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For years now, the Wolf Tooth ReMote has been one of our most popular, best selling, dropper post levers. The quality is easy to see and even better, it comes in colors to match your bike! Check out what our customer Eric had to say about his new Wolf Tooth dropper lever!

Wolf Tooth Remote light action dropper lever


Few advancements in mountain bike tech over the last several years have had as much impact as the remote-operated seat dropper post. Back in the day when you wanted to set your seat for a given section of trail or a specific feature it meant stopping your ride to use a quick release to manually move your seat to a height that works for a given section of a trail. And I hope you chose wisely when you moved it, or you will be stopping again soon to adjust it again! Whether you're climbing a smooth trail and want maximum seat height to put down consistent power, climbing technical features and want that mid-level height to tackle a trail feature, or doing a technical descent and want your seat down and out of the way for the best freedom of motion, a seat dropper is essential. Don’t forget that a good remote that works every time is just as mission-critical when hitting the trail.

Wolf Tooth Remote light action dropper lever

Why The New Lever?

When I purchased my current bike, I made sure it came equipped with a remote-operated seat dropper post. However, it’s fair to say that not all seat droppers and not all remote levers are equal. My OEM-supplied remote lever worked well for a while, but it certainly left a lot to be desired in terms of smoothness of remote lever action as well as reliability. On more than one occasion I accidentally pushed the remote lever out of position on its mount due to the way it was designed. And then at times, it would tend to stick and not release or maybe it wouldn’t hold my seat dropper in place. In either case, stopping to make trailside repairs is certainly less than ideal. Well, it was clear that it was time to upgrade. I looked around and found a large following and high regard for Wolf Tooth brand remote seat dropper levers.

I turned to Worldwide Cyclery to see what they had to offer. I chose the longer lever that comes with Wolf Tooth's Light Action Dropper Lever. It seemed to me that it would allow for an ergonomic mounting position on my 800mm width bars.

Unlike the OEM-supplied remote lever that came with my bike, the Wolf Tooth remote incorporates a pulley on a bearing which creates an exceptionally smooth and reliable motion.

The cable attachment clamp and tensioning adjustor make installation quick and adjustments easy. When riding for the first time with the Wolf Tooth remote lever I quickly developed confidence that my dropper post would release, move, and hold just when I wanted it to. I was a little concerned when I initially ordered the remote lever that it would require too long of a motion to activate this Light Action model.

Final Thoughts

I’m happy to report that this is not the case. Wolf Tooth's Light Action lever offers easy modulation of the release while providing positive and consistent operation. This remote lever is simply excellent, and I look forward to reliable seat dropper action for a long time to come!

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April 12, 2021

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