Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever [Rider Review]

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There are so many Dropper post remotes to choose from now. But the staple is WolfTooth's ReMote. Our friend, John, just slapped one on their bike. See what what they think!

Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever


I remember when the Wolf Tooth ReMote lever first came out, I was but a wee lad, stuck 'thumbing my all-too-standard-not-special-enough-feeling plastic KS Lev actuator. While my first dropper post blew my mind harder than a cat5 hurricane, scraping the the dignity out of the awkwardly protruding thumb lever every time I flipped my bike upside down was nothing short of tragedy. I soon developed PTSD and would wince even at the though of having to take my front wheel off on any surface other than grass. Enter the Wolf Tooth, with its majestically bad ass graphics, its under-the-bar-in-the-correct-location placement, and the big, fat, bearing providing pampering my thumb to a rotational butter bath.

Once installed, my thumb met the angry wolf face, trembling, was I ready... was I worthy? I pressed it, and immediately began to question all my life choices, my intelligence, my fiscal policy, and even the essence of man..

Why had I not bought one sooner?

Is it possible for a thumb, a mere appendix, to experience actual joy? Would it be unreasonable to mount one on the other side of my bars just to treat my thumbs equally? What cable actuated things do I interact with on a daily biases that are now in desperate need of a retro fitted Wolf Tooth ReMote lever? My thumb had been fulfilled.

Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever

Now on a more serious note, this lever is pretty legit. Obliviously I am stoked I bought this thing, and I appreciate the graphic of the wolf more than I probably should. So hopefully with my enthusiasm adequately articulated I will mention some of the not so good stuff. Firstly, the Magura clamp fits perfectly, however it is the opposite tightening pattern from the Magura/Sram matchmaker thing. Meaning, on the right side of my bars, the top bolt sits flush and the second does not, and on the left side it is the opposite. If i wasn't OCD this would not be an issue but it is a minor visual thing that need not be. Secondly, perhaps most disappointingly, there is actually a small amount of play in the lever. I was expecting such a big bearing to have more of a solid feel. Under cable tension this is not noticeable, but again, for the price and the reputation, this would have been easily tuned out. I am going to buy a small washer from the local hardware store just to make the thing as sold as possible. Most people would not even notice this, but I feel it is still worth mentioning.

The third and final critique is that the bore for where the cable housing slides in is huge, way bigger in diameter than any bike cable I've ever seen. Some tape around the male end of the cable makes this solid, but otherwise the cable tension pull the housing at an angle inside the bore of the lever (I've tried to capture this in a picture, sorry for the bad lighting!).

Final Thoughts

Again, these are petty complaints and I would absolutely buy this again. So far I have used it on a KS Lev and Fox Transfer without issue!

 Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever

February 03, 2022

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