Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever [Rider Review]

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The Wolf Tooth dropper remote is a tried and true dropper lever that we see on tons of customer and employee bikes here at the shop. These days, you can get the remote in multiple colors to match your bike and really stand out. In this review, our customer Russell adds a Wolf Tooth remote to his Yeti. Check it out!

Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever Rider Review


This is a review of the Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever. I purchased the dropper lever in early March. I have put a couple hundred single-track miles on this remote. Those miles have been riding in the Patapsco State Park outside Baltimore Maryland. The park extends for 32 miles along the Patapsco River. There are trials on both sides of the park and one can easily do a 50-mile loop if desired. I usually cover between 10 and 15 miles around the mostly the north end of the park. Those miles have had plenty of ups and downs of the dropper with an average of about 1500 ft. of elevation change. In the past I have had the Stock Fox Transfer remote, the Paul’s Components 22.2 remote and now the Wolf tooth remote.

In my opinion the Wolf Tooth is the easiest to set-up and the easiest to use.

I was able to do a little modification and get the wolf tooth to mount to my Hope Tech E4 front brake lever. This required a minor slotting of the mounting hole. So far it has not moved and is still securely mounted.

On Trail Performance

I love the grip of the Wolf Tooth remote. No matter which gloves I have on or how wet the gloves are, the grip on the wolf tooth is great. I also feel this remote is easier to action than any of the other remotes. Paul’s 22.2 was also pretty easy to action. But with wet gloves the grip on the Pauls was not very good.

Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever Rider Review

Another great aspect of the Wolf Tooth remote dropper lever is the multitude of different mounting option they have available. Everything from a normal bar mount to several other options; Shimano IS-AB, IS-EV and IS-II, SRAM Matchmaker, 22.2mm & 31.8mm handlebar clamp, Magura brakes, and Hope. The nice part is you can order the mounting option you want and don’t have to order accessories at an extra charge.

My only complaint would be that the Wolf Tooth remote does not come in any other colors except black. I like to make my bike stand out of the crowd by using anodized metal parts. My current 2018 Yeti SB6 has a black, Red and Aqua color scheme with gold highlights. A Red anodized Wolf Tooth Dropper would have gone nicely with the red Hope Tech brakes. Dot a deal killer just would have been nice to have some color options.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion I would recommend the Wolf Tooth Remote Lever to anyone looking for a dropper lever upgrade. Thanks and go shred.

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January 19, 2021

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