Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle [Rider Review]

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There are countless real performance upgrades you can buy for your mountain bike. On the other hand there is no shortage for upgrades that lean more on the cosmetic side that have just as much value. Our friend Evan shares his thoughts on the Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle. Check it out!

Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle Rider Review


The Wolf Tooth Axle for Boost spaced Fox forks is awesome ! Wolf Tooth has been making premium cycling accessories for a long time so it came at no surprise that this product exceeded my expectations. I set out to accomplish two main goals when I began my search for this product. I wanted to get rid of the bulky stock front axle I currently had equipped and I wanted to add some bling to my ride. I searched far and wide for the ideal product and I was eventually led to the Wolf Tooth Axle. This product was very similar to the Fox Kabolt but in the end I decided Wolf Tooth’s option looked better. Worldwide Cyclery sent the axle out in a flash and shipping was free! A few days later it promptly arrived on my front porch.

Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle Rider Review

For being so lightweight this axle feels very solid and gives me a sense of confidence when picking it up.

First Impressions

It was a Monday afternoon and the UPS man arrived with a shiny new package from Worldwide Cyclery. I was stoked! Upon first look I noticed how robust this axle was. The 7075 T6 Aluminum built axle was beautifully designed, especially in the shiny blue color. This axle is extremely light weighing in at 53 grams for the boost spaced option that I purchased. The standard spaced axle is even lighter coming in at 49 grams. The main reason I went with this axle was the plated steel washer that was included. It looked a lot beefier than that of the Fox Kabolt axle option. I was correct, the washer on the Wolf Tooth axle was even better than I imagined. I couldn’t wait to throw this puppy on my bike!

Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle Rider Review


Putting this bad boy on was a breeze ! All you need is a 6mm hex key and some grease. First you need to remove the old axle, then apply grease to the new axle and the plated washer, and finally insert and tighten the new axle to 11 NM using the 6mm hex key. A smile instantly came across my face upon finishing installation. The area near the thru axle looked a lot cleaner and the blue color on the end of the axle was the perfect amount of bling that my bike needed. I also had a new and improved feeling of safety as my front wheel was now securely tightened instead of the quick release axle that I had previously.

Wolf Tooth Fork Thru Axle Rider Review

Final Thoughts

For most people the Wolf Tooth axle will be perfect. It is built to last and designed to suit your eye and add a sense of security. The Wolf Tooth axle combines lightweight construction with extreme durability. The only downside that I can see to this axle is if you are a person who needs to remove their front wheel quite frequently. If this is the case than a quick release axle would make much more sense. 99% of my riding does not require me to take off my front wheel for transportation so I do not have this issue. Overall this axle is perfect for anyone looking to add a modest amount of bling to their bike or if they are looking to clean things up and get rid of bulky stock parts. This axle was priced fairly and there was no better place to purchase it from then Worldwide Cyclery. Go out and grab yourself one.

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September 23, 2021

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