Wolf Tooth Components ReMote: Rider Review

Finding the right dropper lever is all about figuring out what is comfortable for your thumb. Some brands go with a pad, others go with a textured feel to improve grip, in all honesty, you can't go wrong. In this review, our customer Donnie discusses his Wolf Tooth Components ReMote, check it out!

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Review


If you are looking for the best dropper post lever for your bike then look no further than this awesome Wolf Tooth Remote. The guys at Worldwide Cyclery all seemed to agree that it was a great lever and a shop favorite. Every review I found online also seemed to rave about this lever as well. Based on the overwhelming reviews and recommendations on this lever I decided to go ahead and order this along with my new Fox Transfer dropper post.

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Rider Review

First Impressions

For about $60 you get a really well-made lever with a very smooth action. It is really well made and incredibly easy to install. Without a doubt, my favorite thing about it was that they have several different mounting options including one to work with the SRAM MatchMaker system. Since I am running SRAM Guide brakes I chose this option. I wasn’t really sure how I would like having the dropper lever attached to the brake lever mount but it worked out perfectly. The added bonus is a really clean cockpit and one less mount on your handlebars. As for grip, this dropper lever has grooves machined into it so that your thumb won’t ever slip off when trying to activate the lever.

Final Thoughts

Trust the guys at Worldwide Cyclery and go get yourself one of these Wolf Tooth levers. You won’t be disappointed!

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June 30, 2019

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