Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever Review

Wolf Tooth Components was founded in 2013 by three mechanical engineers that all were avid cyclists and all shared the desire to create high quality mountain bike products. Based in Minneapolis, MN, all of Wolf Tooth's products are made in the USA. This review was written by Kevin Johnson who is an avid MTBer. He has ridden and tested many products, and the Wolf Tooth ReMote happens to be one of his most recent purchases. See why he thinks this lever is the best 1x dropper lever yet!


The Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Post Lever is made from 6061 T6 aluminum and Delrin. The ReMote is offered in two 1x specific configurations: ReMote and ReMote Light Action (LA). The WTC ReMote came to life after demand for dropper post remotes with smoother lever action and were easy to instal. The ReMote answered all of those questions by first utilizing a 21mm sealed cartridge bearing that the lever blade pivots around. The ReMote also features a barrel adjuster for on the fly cable tension adjustment. These two design features give Wolf Tooth's remote one of the smoothest lever feels of any dropper post remotes on the market. The lever blade itself is designed with a break-a-way feature so that in the event of a crash, solely the lever blade can be replaced rather than the entire unit. The lever blade also has a machined surface giving the rider more control no matter the weather conditions. Color is black and prices range from $59.95-$69.95. Weight varies from 31-42 grams depending on the mount configuration.

WolfTooth ReMote Lever

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever - Worldwide Cyclery

The ReMote LA utilizes a 10mm longer lever blade than the standard ReMote. This additional length reduces 1/3 of the force required to press the lever, making on the fly adjustments a bit more seamless. The weight and price are identical between the ReMote and Remote LA but the different options give you the rider more adjustability for where you prefer the dropper post lever in relation to the brake lever. The ReMote is compatible with all of the following cable actuated dropper posts: 9point8 Fall Line, Bontrager Line, DVO Garnet, Easton Haven, Fox Transfer, Giant Contact, Gravity Dropper, KS, RaceFace Turbine, Specialized Command, Thomson, and TransX.


ReMote and ReMote LA installations vary slightly depending on the type of ReMote mounts indicated below. Torque specifications call for 1-2 Nm on all clamp screws and 2-3 Nm on all lateral adjustment screws. Other specific recommendations from Wolf Tooth are listed below.

ReMote MatchMaker (MM)

(Requires SRAM MatchMaker X Hardware = T25 screw and curved-back T-nut)

  • With a T25 torque wrench, remove the lever mounting screw and hinged MM X clamp from the left brake lever.
  • Place T-nut into the curved recess on the threaded side of the MM clamp and lightly secure the ReMote assembly to the clamp with the Wolf logo side of lever facing upwards.
  • Reinstall MM clamp onto break lever. Torque T25 lever mounting screw to 2.8-3.4 Nm.
  • Adjust ReMote angle to rider preference. Torque T25 remote screw to 2-3 Nm.

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery

ReMote I Spec A (IS-AB)

  • Remove lever mounting screw from left break lever using a 4mm hex wrench
  • With a 2mm hex wrench, push on “push to open”releasing the break lever safety pin
  • Remove dual-threaded post, M4 set screw, and M4 socket cap screw from ReMote assembly
  • Remove M4 set screw from dual-threaded post
  • Insert dual-threaded post into underside of brake lever
  • Add thread locker to flat-end threads of M4 set screw
  • Insert M4 set screw into grip side of brake lever using a 2mm hex bit. Rotate dual-threaded boss as needed to align hole with set screw, and thread set screw thru the boss until it stops. Torque 2-3 Nm
  • If used, remove M4 socket head cap screw from dual-threaded boss.
  • Add thread locker to the lead end of the M4 set screw
  • Position ReMote mount against underbelly of the brake lever so that the recess in the mount sits over the exposed end of the dual-threaded boss
  • Thread the M4 socket head cap thru the ReMote mount and into the dual-threaded boss using a 3mm hex bit. Torque M4 socket head cap screw to 3-4 Nm
  • Reattach brake lever to handlebar and torque to the manufacturer’s specification

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery

ReMote IS-II

  • Remove lever mounting screw from left break lever using a 4mm hex wrench
  • With a 2mm hex wrench, push on “push to open” releasing the break lever safety pin
  • Remove plastic spacer from inside of brake lever clamp
  • Rub off residual adhesive from inside brake lever
  • Place curved surface of ReMote between handlebar and break lever
  • Close the hinged clamp
  • Reattach brake lever to handlebar to rider preference and torque to manufacturers specification. 

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery

ReMote Lever

  • Route cable housing from dropper post to ReMote with enough cable length to allow the handlebar to spin safely.
  • Secure the cable so it’s clear of moving parts.
  • For dropper posts with a cable fixing clamp at the post’s end, cut the barrel from the cable. Fasten cut cable end at dropper post following the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Screw barrel adjuster completely into ReMote body
  • Remove cable clamping screw and washer 2-3mm out of ReMote lever using a 2.5mm hex key
  • Run cable thru housing to ReMote and thru ReMote barrel adjuster
  • Route cable thru groove, under cable clamping screw/washer, and out behind lever
  • Pull cable snug, and tighten cable clamping screw to 1-2 Nm using a 2.5mm bit and a torque wrench
  • Use barrel adjuster to remove cable slack
  • Loosen lateral adjustment screw with a M3 hex key and position lever. Torque to 2-3 Nm.
  • Test dropper post and adjust cable tension as needed via barrel adjuster
  • Trim cable so that its end is behind the lever and install cable crimp

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Post Lever Review - Worldwide Cyclery

What's the Bottom Line?

The Wolf Tooth ReMote has superb smooth actuation given its 21mm cartridge bearing pivot and is smoother than any other lever we have used. By providing 5mm of lateral lever adjustment, the lever’s reach can be positioned to suit a rider’s preference. They’ve also utilized a plate to secure the cable versus a set screw, which over time tends to fray cables. All in all, this is the best lever out there. Hopefully, Wolf Tooth will see fit to offer these in beautiful anodized colors like some of their other offerings.

Worldwide Cyclery offers a full line of Wolf Tooth Components. Click below to see all of the different configurations we have just discussed. For unparalleled customer service, call the shop and see which Wolf Tooth ReMote will work best with your bike setup! 

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June 27, 2017

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