Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Dropper Lever: Rider Review

Are you tired of the awkward feeling of your 2x dropper lever or is your lever just unreliable? Well, Wolf Tooth has the perfect solution for you, the Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever! Our friend, Agustin got himself a new lever and gave us a little rundown on how he's liking it so far. Check out what he thinks below!


My trail bike came with one of those non-ergonomic dropper remotes that sit on top of the handlebar. The difference between using that remote versus this Wolf Tooth remote has been like night and day. Not only is this remote way easier to reach but you also get a lighter and seamless feeling when pushing the lever. The lever’s surface offers a lot of traction. My thumb would often slip while using my previous remote, something you don’t want to happen just before going downhill.

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I installed this remote myself and it was an easy task (I’m no expert mechanic). Like me, most probably will only need a cable/casing cutter and some allen keys. The remote features a barrel adjuster for adjusting cable tension which is very handy, make sure you set it so that there’s the least amount of tension when starting your installation. Later, use the barrel adjuster to add enough tension for your dropper to work properly or keep adding more tension if you want it to respond faster when pushing the remote’s lever. There’s a limit to how much tension you can add though, if there’s too much then your dropper could start dropping slowly while riding.

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Wolf Tooth offers several mounting options for this remote. You can either mount it directly to the handlebar with a 22.2 clamp or mount it onto SRAM, Shimano, or Magura brakes. Better yet, the system is modular, this means that if you later change brakes, you can just purchase a different mount for them and keep using your existing remote.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to this remote I’m now using my dropper post more often when riding. This is definitely a worthy upgrade for your existing dropper and not a relatively pricey one.

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January 11, 2019

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