Wolf Tooth Components Headset: Rider Review

Headsets may not be a sexy topic but it's certainly something you may take for granted until one goes bad. Wolf Tooth Components is known for making simple, quality products that work well and look great! In this rider review, our friend Andreas Majewski gives us his thoughts on his newly installed Wolf Tooth Components headset. Check it out below!


Despite living and riding in area not known for wet conditions (northern California), I've always had issues with durability of my headsets. For the past 3 bikes I've had, it seems like when spring time rolls around, I discover that the bearings in my Cane Creek 40 headsets are either super crunchy or completely seized. I've tried upgrading to the higher grade 110 bearings with the same result. I'm not sure if it's due to some flaw in these headsets, or if I just wash my bike too much, but this spring I decided to try something different: the new headset from Wolf Tooth Components.

Wolf Tooth Headset Rider Review

Reason to Buy

Let me start by saying, I'm a big fan of WTC products. Their dropper lever is the best available. Their chainrings have great retention and durability. So I when I saw they released a headset designed to withstand Minnesota weather featuring a double sealed crown race, it went right to the top of my list. Like the rest of their parts, it's made in the USA, but costs about 30% less than Chris King. I also picked up their special crown race installation adapter, to make sure that I didn't damage the special double sealed crown race during installation.


How did it turn out? Installation was a breeze once I got the old headset and race off. I mounted the crown race installation adapter on a piece of PVC pipe to use as a driver and easily mounted it on my fork without damaging the seals or aluminum race. The headset cups slid in smoothly but snugly using a headset press. The fit between the new headset and my Fox 36 fork was noticeably snugger, and everything spun smoothly. I've been running the WTC headset for about 2 months now, through one of our wettest springs, and washing my bike about once a week, and the headset is still silky smooth. I recently pulled my fork off to service it and was pleasantly surprised to see that the grease I'd placed around the headset bearings was still very clean, a sign that the seals are working.

Wolf Tooth Headset Rider Review Upper

Final Impression

Overall, I'm very pleased with this upgrade. Sure, a headset isn't as sexy as a new fork or wheels, but having stiff steering because your headset is seizing sucks. I plan on buying another one to put on my second bike, once I inevitably destroy the Cane Creek 40 on it as well.

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June 08, 2019

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