Wolf Tooth Components Combo Masterlink Pliers: Rider Review

Mike Brcic (Sacred Rides) is credited with saying, "A bad day on a mountain bike always beats a good day in the office.” Do you really want to be without the right tool when you have a mechanical? Enter Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers. A lightweight tool for many jobs.

Wolf Tooth Components Combo Masterlink Pliers
It was a sunny Saturday morning in the Laguna Wilderness Park, Ca. My wife and I were climbing up to Missing Link trail when I heard a pop sound and looked back to see my wife’s legs flailing in circles. She walked the bike up to the flat with her broken chain. I pulled out my toolkit and was half excited to use my recently purchased Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers. I took off the broken link and then picked up my Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers. The pliers hold two master links in the handle magnetically. I took a master link from the handle, put it in the chain, and popped it into place with the pliers. Easy peasy! Back up and riding.

Wolf Tooth Components Combo Masterlink Pliers
According to Wolf Tooth, the pliers are made from a Type II 7075-T6 aluminum and weigh 38g. The dimensions are approximately 4.5 inches x 3/4” x 3/8”, and it comes in black or red. The black version’s bolt comes in black, silver, purple, orange, red, blue, gold, green, and gunmetal. The Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers are versatile-not only does it connect/disconnect master links, but it also can tighten/loosen a valve nut or remove your long nose hairs. Further, it has a three-way valve core remover, and it has a tire lever at the end of the handle. It would be ideal if Wolf Tooth could combine the pliers into a multi-tool. Nevertheless, at around thirty bucks, the Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers are handy and have already earned a permanent place in my packable toolkit.

Wolf Tooth Combo Masterlink Pliers Review

May 29, 2019

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