Wolf Tooth BlingKit [Rider Review]

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Bikes would be extremely boring if we didn't have beautiful anodized parts like the various ones made by Wolf Tooth. In fact, they make the BlingKit which includes machined parts that are anodized in your favorite colors to give your bike that custom look. Check out this rider's dialed Santa Cruz and read on for more!


Let me start off saying that I love the look of my new headset! It gives my bike an awesome new look. I am coming from a Cane Creek headset. I believe most of their products are just black. It functioned well with no issues. I have a 2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy. It was yellow and I became tired of the “here comes that yellow bike again”, so I felt the need to do a massive change to the color scheme of my mountain bike. Not to mention that this particular Santa Cruz Tallboy is pretty common.

Wolf Tooth BlingKit Rider Review

Needless to say, the pictures let you know now what a unique color scheme I created with this Wolf Tooth BlingKit. There is no other Santa Cruz Tallboy that has this color combo. I can now stand out from the crowd. The custom paint job is a great contrast for this kit. No more banana yellow. Don’t get me wrong it was nice at the time but not really my cup of tea. The yellow and the black/fake carbon fiber spacers that were on the bike as delivered to me did not really stand out enough.

The purple Wolf Tooth bling kit was an exact match for the new Santa Cruz decals and Hope headset bearings that I purchased completing the look.

There are also purple screws that come with the kit designed to fit the holes that are for the bottle cage. These come with the kit that is an additional accent that sets off the fire on this bike... see for yourself!

Wolf Tooth BlingKit Rider Review

This Wolf Tooth bling kit is machined to a mildly matte/shiny finish. That might sound contradictory but when you purchase yours you will know what I mean. But don’t worry, I believe that whatever your particular color setup may be, there should be a match for you. Worldwide Cyclery carries many colors. Now that I painted my bike to black I probably will buy another color just to change it up in about a year. It will make me feel like I have a new bike without paying a new bike price. Simple cheap decal change to the same color of these Wolf Tooth Bling Kit spacers is all I need to give the bike a refresh. Buying an additional kit would be a no-brainer because you can get the same size and just switch it out without a trip to your local bike shop for an install.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, do not hesitate to purchase this bling kit, you will not be disappointed. Look at the pics!!! Worldwide Cyclery is a great company, I am convinced of it though their awesome customer service! By the way, I also purchased a RockShox SID select suspension fork and both products came at the same time!

Wolf Tooth BlingKit CTA

July 25, 2021

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