2020 Yeti SB140 - New Mid-Travel Slayer (First Ride & Overview) [Video]


Yeti SB140 Overview:

It's new bike season and we have another new bike ready to rip, the 2020 Yeti SB140. Following the launch of the Yeti SB165 that Yeti revealed earlier this month, they continue the new bike train with a shorter travel rig. Rolling on 27.5 inch wheels, the Yeti SB140 is the new version of the ever popular SB5, with 140mm travel out rear and spec’d with a 160mm fork. Don't be surprised at the capability you can get from the smaller travel however, as the SB140 is an all out ripper. 

2020 Yeti SB140 Bike Launch Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The late SB5 was a favorite of many riders we know for its perfect balance between being a playful fun-having bike and its all out capability when the trail gets rough. The new SB140 takes that same theory and does it even better, with more travel, slacker angles, and more fun - the SB140 is here to please. Fitting perfectly into the trail segment for bikes, the 2020 Yeti SB140 will be happy on long pedal rides or ripping shuttle laps or lift laps all day. Throw what you want at the SB140, I doubt it will say anything but ask for more. 

Yeti SB140 Geometry and Specs:

A few numbers to check out, the SB140 sits on a 65 degree head tube angle with a reduced offset fork. Reach numbers get stretched out in line with their 29” models, with a medium at 460mm reach and the large at 480mm reach. One thing we were happy to see with the new 27.5 bikes is the shorter headtube and stack, giving the adjustability to the rider and having more range. I mentioned how this bike will be happy to ride all day long, and this is mostly from the steep seat tube angle, sitting at 77 degrees across all sizes. Lastly, and in the back, the chainstays. These are 433mm across all sizes, which is short and playful, but not tiny and sketchy. 

2020 Yeti SB140 Review - Worldwide Cyclery

For all the numbers and differences in sizes, check out the chart below: 

Yeti SB150 Bike Geometry - Worldwide Cyclery

There are three colors available for the SB140, two of which are new. Of course, you can get the classic Yeti Turquoise as one option, and for 2020 Yeti has gone simple and elegant with almost no logos. This is something many of us have wanted from all bike companies for years. The two new colors are Grey and Inferno. The Grey is pretty self explanatory, however, the Inferno is a bit like burnt orange and looks really good in sunlight. 

2020 Yeti SB140 Frame Colors

SB140 Build Kits:

Like the rest of the Yeti lineup, there are five build kits to choose from, with two different frame levels. The naming structure of these has changed a bit for model year 2020, so check out the kits below for all the exact details. Starting at the most entry level, we have the Carbon Series with the C1 and the C2. The C stands for the “Carbon” frame offering (they are both carbon), but the “Carbon” frame is the "lower-end" frame version from Yeti, adding about 220 grams of carbon to the frame making these builds a bit more affordable. The higher the number, the nicer the build, meaning the C2 is a step above the C1. These builds are both mostly spec'd with SRAM drivetrains and DT Swiss wheels. The C series bikes get Fox Performance suspension on both ends with a Fox Performance Transfer post.

Yeti SB140 Carbon Series Build Kits

2020 Yeti SB140 Bike Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The next three builds are their Turq series, and those are the T1, T2, and T3 builds. The Turq level frame is the top-level frameset using the highest quality carbon fiber available to Yeti. This is also the frame you will get if you choose to buy an SB140 frame at $3,499. Back in the lineup for Yeti is a Shimano drivetrain option, which was previously absent from 2019 bikes as Shimano needed to catch up in the 12 speed game. The T1 will have a Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes with DT Swiss wheels. The T2 and T3 builds are pretty similar to each other with having Sram X01 Eagle and Sram XX1 Eagle, respectively, and both with Sram G2 RSC brakes. All T series builds get Fox Factory suspension at both ends. The T1 & T2 have a Fox Performance Transfer post while the T3 gets a Fox Factory Transfer post. 

Yeti SB140 T Series Build Kits - Worldwide Cyclery

All build kits have upgrade options no matter the level. These options include DT Swiss XMC 1200 carbon wheels and Sram XX1 AXS electronic shifting. You have the option to choose one or the other, or both. Prices on upgrades will vary from C series to T series.

2020 Yeti SB140 Bike Review - Grey - Worldwide Cyclery

A few new features in the build kits we are very happy to see is the spec of 170mm cranks. While not a huge deal, bottom brackets are getting to an all-time low, so 5mm can make a difference. Along with clearance, it's a bit nicer to spin a 170mm crank for hours than it is to spin a 175mm crank. The second change is the Large and X-Large bikes will be getting 175mm travel dropper posts. With these new bikes having pretty short seat tubes, there is no reason not to have all the dropper travel you can. It's a nice feature that will also help you get more shred for your buck. Lastly is a small change, but as a lover of this grip, a significant one. The 2020 bikes will have ODI Elite Pro grips, which is a step up from the previous Ergon grips. We love the ODI Elite Pro grips at Worldwide and you will see these on most of our employee bikes. 

Final Thoughts:

As we got a bit of ride time on the SB140, we do know that this bike is all that it claims to be. While we do not have enough saddle time to get a full review, the Yeti SB140 sure puts a smile on your face no matter the terrain. With new build kits, revised geometry, fresh looks and colors, we are stoked to see the SB140 come through our doors.

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July 28, 2019

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