How The Worldwide Cyclery Crew Does A Bike Race (Craigslist MTB Challenge) [Video]



What happens when you take 8 of the top riders from Worldwide Cyclery, give them a $50 budget, and tell them to buy the best bike possible for a race? The result was arguably the greatest mountain bike race this nation has ever seen. The $50 bike race consisted of two stages, a climb, and a descent. Winners would be crowned for each stage as well as an overall winner. The race took place at the infamous Suicide trail in Oak Park, CA which is known for being extremely rocky, fast, and loose. Even better was the fact that it took place after fires and rain pretty much destroyed the entire trail. The stage was set for what was sure to be an epic race. 8 brave souls took to the hills that day to find out who was best. Were there crashes? Did anyone die? Your just going to have to watch and find out for yourself!

Craiglist Bike Race - Jack Throwing Bike

Craigslist Bike Challenge - Winner Podium

April 28, 2019

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