5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products - January Edition! [Video]



Curious as to what products our packaging hamsters keep seeing all around their cage and in their spin wheels? Time for another top 5 products, this time from the month of January.

Fox Factory High-Pressure Shock Pump with Bleed Valve, 300psi:

Top 5 Products January Edition - Fox Factory Shock PumpFirst up is our most popular shock pump, the Fox Factory shock pump featuring a bleed valve and a 300psi gauge. This is a straight forward product, great for keeping in the gear bag or in the riding vehicle for quick shock pressure changes. With an analog gauge there is no messing about with batteries and works with all air forks and rear shocks. One basic but useful feature is the bleed valve - it is a button that will release small burps of pressure, helping you get the exact pressure you need for perfect shock setup. We released an overview video on this as well, feel free to check it out!

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TRP Hydraulic Quadiem Front & Rear Brake Set w/ Levers, Calipers, & Hose:

Top 5 Products January - TRP Quadiem BrakesThe TRP Quadiem brake set is a great option for riders looking to get top notch modulation with the combination of great stopping power. TRP worked with Aaron Gwin to help develop and and fine tune these brakes. The Quadiem brakes also use mineral oil, making bleeding and service a breeze. Great ergonomics with modulation and power, no wonder why the TRP Quadiem brakes have been flying through the shop!

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Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease Tube, 4oz:

Top 5 Products January 2019 - Park Tool PolylubeA wise man once told me to never go easy with the grease, you never want it to be too dry…well, Park Tool Polylube 1000 is great for doing just that. Purpose made for the fitment of bicycle products, the Polylube 1000 is great for just about all installations on your current mountain bike. It also helps repel moisture, keeping your bearings and bolts dry and working good for a long time.

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RaceFace Chester Composite Platform Pedals:Top 5 Products January - RaceFace Chester Pedals

The RaceFace Chester has been an amazing pedal and one of our top sellers for a long time now. We have even done a few videos and blogs on this product alone! The Chester pedal is a composite flat pedal from RaceFace that comes in lots of colors, this month our top seller is turquoise. Matching well with Yeti bikes, and many others, the Turquoise will make your bike look great.

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Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner:

Top 5 Products January Edition - Quarq Shockwiz

This is another great product where we have made previous videos and blogs about and is one of our favorite tools to help dial in our bikes. The Quarq ShockWiz is a air device that helps make recommendations to your current suspension setup. Simply download the app, hook up the ShockWiz to your fork or shock, and crank out your favorite trail. Once you have ridden you can check the app where you will find a tuning score, as well as recommendations. If you have a score close to 100, you are close to having a dialed setup. Recommendations might include adjustments to air pressure, compression, rebound or volume spacers. If anyone is ever questioning their suspension setup and might not have the knowledge or know how to make the wanted changes, I highly suggest checking out the ShockWiz. While it might be a bit expensive, your suspension is a crucial part of riding your bike, and could help you feel that much better on your bike. Splitting it with a friend could also be a great way for you and a buddy to dial in some suspension and share the cost!

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Final Thoughts:

There you have it, another month of our most popular products shared and covered. Not only are these all great products, but it's what all the riders who shop with us are buying and loving.

January 29, 2019

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