5 Ridiculously Popular MTB Products: April 2019 [Video]

Back again for another episode of top products, this time for the month of April. These are the top products we have seen customers purchase over the past month. Let’s get into it.

RaceFace Chester Pedal Pin Kit, 20 Pins Black ($8.49)

Top 5 Products for April - Shop RaceFace Chester Pedal Pin Kit

The RaceFace Chester Pedals are easily one of the most popular pedals we offer. After some time running them though, there is a good chance you might need some replacement pins to keep grip feeling fresh. This pin kit includes 20 pins, one pedal has 16 pins so you will end up with a 4 extra. If you don’t need an entire new set, just replace the worn or damaged pins and your pedals should feel good as new.

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Maxxis Aspen Tire 29 x 2.25 ($51.20)

Top 5 Products for April - Maxxis Aspen Tire

While we don’t cover a ton of XC components, we do sell all mountain bike products. Recently the Maxxis Aspen tire has overtaken the classic Ikon or Ardent Race tire for our XC tire sales. The Aspen tire is a very fast, low profile tread design, made to be fast rolling while providing as much grip as needed for the XC World Cup circuit. You will see the Aspen on all sorts of world cup xc pro bikes. The Aspen is intended for hardpack, or medium soil and this version listed comes with Dual compound rubber and EXO casing, providing grip and puncture resistance.

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Flagship Spork SUS-304 ($14.99)

Top 5 Products April - Shop Worldwide Sporks

Where do we start? Here at Worldwide Cutlery & Kazoo’s we set out to create the world's best spork money can buy. We generally have a pretty humble attitude, but we have to give ourselves a pat on the back with this product, it's revolutionary. A premium spork that has more than one use, you will stab, squish, squeeze, caudle, caress, fondle and nuzzle any and all food you put in front of it. It DOES NOT MATTER what it is you put in your mouth, the Flagship SUS-304 is there to support you in eating, drinking, and whatever else you need it to do.

Top 5 Products for April - Shop Sporks
The perfect amount of fork legs to stab and carry all your food, while having a precise spoon depth to transfer the perfect amount of liquid with your bite of food. Along with that, we added the bottle opener at the other end to make sure you never go thirsty. Wrapping it up with an amazing mirror finish and a laser etched logo will make all of your cutlery connoisseur friends green with envy.

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SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear ($360.00)

Top 5 Products for April - Shop SRAM G2 RSC Brakes

A few weeks back SRAM released their new generation of Guide brake, the G2 RSC, and they have been flying off our shelves since. SRAM took what they learned while developing the Code brake, to deliver a more trail equipped brake, that they have internally been calling the “mini-code”. We did a full video and blog with all the exact details and specs so we will keep it brief.

Sram G2 RSC

  • Single brake retails for $180,
  • $360 for front and rear brakes
  • Single brake weight: 255g
  • Brake pair weight: 510g
  • Features an external pad contact adjust along with a lever reach adjust.
  • New brake pads, the power-organic. These take the best of organic brake pads while adding a bit more “bite”.

Shop SRAM G2 RSC Brakes

Renthal FatBar Carbon Handlebar: Limited Edition Stealth ($168.67)

Top 5 Products for April - Renthal Fatbar Carbon Stealth Black

The Renthal FatBar Carbon has been a classic handlebar to spec on many bikes for a while now. This time, however, they came out with a limited edition stealth black version that looks much different and we are really liking it. With how fast these are selling, it's clear that people are stoked on this new colorway. For this specific bar, the width is 800mm wide, the ride is 30mm high, with a bar clamp of 35mm. Grab this limited stealth Renthal Carbon handlebar before they are all gone!

Shop Renthal Fatbar Carbon

Kuat Dirtbag Truck Bed Mount Carrier ($29.00)

Top 5 Products for April - Kuat Dirtbag Bike mount

After featuring this Kuat Dirtbag in our Top 5 Ways to Transport Your MTB video & blog, the Dirtbag boost version has been a popular option. The DirtBag is available in many different configurations to accommodate all of your bikes. The Kuat Dirtbag is a great way to transport your bike if you have a truck or SUVs. With a truck you can attach these to the bedsides and sometimes your truck bedsides will have pre-drilled holes that are the right size to mount it. For SUVs, you can mount this to a piece of wood and have a great way you can transport your bike and take the mount in and out of the vehicle. It also has to be one of the cheapest ways to transport your bike compared to other methods as well.

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April 26, 2019

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