USWE Airborne 9 Hydration Pack: Employee Review (Is This The Best Pack On Earth?)

The USWE (you-swee) Airborne 9 may be the greatest riding pack to ever come to the market. It addresses and fixes the biggest issues that all the major pack brands have failed to address for those who enjoy two-wheeled fun. Those issues being the restriction to breathing traditional packs create and the annoying movement they can have especially when loaded up with gear for a long day.

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USWE Airborne 9 Hydration Pack Employee Review


Born in the Swedish countryside by a group of riders that just wanted to be comfortable while loaded up for a day of exploring as far as their bikes would take them. They purchased a sewing machine and thousands of man-hours later USWE was born. What they call their “No Dancing Monkey” technology is what set them above the rest. It is essentially a 4-point harness with adjustable straps. It holds the pack in place incredibly well while ditching one of my least favorite things while riding the dreaded waist strap. The heavy feeling on your shoulders is almost eliminated as well making for ultimate comfort.

 USWE Airborne 9 Hydration Pack Employee Review


I have had my Airborne 9 for almost a month now and have had the chance to use it on both short and long rides. While I will admit it took a little time of adjusting the straps while riding to get it just right on my back. I have had no need to adjust since and can throw it on and go.

USWE Airborne 9 Hydration Pack Employee Review
My major concern when purchasing this was whether it would give that constricted breathing feeling I have experienced with other packs, this concern was eliminated as soon as I tried it on all weight up for the first time. I have never felt any restriction with the USWE on whether it was breathing or any movement I have made on the bike. I have tried to get it to move whether through fast chunky trail and while hitting jumps and it just stays planted to my back.


I highly recommend a USWE pack if you are looking to replace your old one or are just sick of dealing with an uncomfortable pack that is constantly moving around on your back.

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November 13, 2018

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