Ultimate Review Guide: Fox Transfer Dropper Post

Fox suspension in the past has been known primarily for their high quality suspension. With the introduction of the Transfer dropper post, Fox takes a jab at a dropper post designed around functionality in a market with countless reliability problems. The Transfer post replaces their original D.O.S.S. seatpost, which was known for always being dependable. The Transfer post is available in two options, the Factory Series and Performance Series models. Both models can be configured with a 1x or 2x remote lever and can also each be ordered in 100mm, 125mm, or 150mm travel

Fox Transfer Dropper Post Ultimate Guide

Worldwide Cyclery Overview

Start by checking out our initial Transfer dropper post product overivew. You can also check out an in depth comparison between the Fox Transfer and other popular dropper posts.

Fox Transfer Post Ultimate Guide

Fox Website

Fox has all of the technical information on the Transfer post at ridefox.com. Here you can learn more about the different travel drop options, internal and external cable routing, and multiple lever designs.

Yeti SB5.5 Custom Build Fox Transfer Dropper Post

Yeti SB5.5 Custom Build w/Fox Transfer Dropper Post (Factory Series)

Pinkbike Review

Pinkbike's Take - "With the discontinuation of the ultra-reliable D.O.S.S., and the fact that other companies are now producing some pretty good options, Fox's Transfer dropper post needs to be a home run. While my time on it has been limited, it seems as though Fox has managed to hit this one out of the park. If it were me, I'd probably save myself a bit of coin and buy the blacked-out Performance model for $329 USD that's identical mechanically and weighs the same as the more expensive Factory Transfer, but doesn't receive the Kashima treatment. Reliability is the only question mark, but it does look promising - I'll have a much longer-term review down the road to answer this."

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MTBR Review

MTBR's thoughts - "The first and most important attribute is seatpost action and this one performs with the best. Seatpost action is infinite and damped, with speed controllable with the lever. When it’s up, it stays up with no sag or creep. It’s a solid lock and that cannot be overstated, as this is a key contact point with the bike."

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Fox Transfer Dropper Post

Evil The Following Custom Build w/Fox Transfer Dropper Post (Factory Series)

Bike Radar Review

Bike Radar says, "Fox's Transfer Factory dropper post has the performance and reliability to make it the best dropper available." 

"The feel of the drop and return are very smooth, and highly controlled. Feathering the return speed can be done at the remote, and even at full force the return is quick but not frighteningly so as with other dropper posts. Being able to slow the post's movement came in very handy as I've grown accustom to dropping my seat height just a bit (15mm or so) when taking on super technical climbs. Depressing the lever slightly gave me the control to find the height I wanted."

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MTB Mag Review

MTB Mag's conclusions - "We think that Fox has hit the nail on the head with the new Transfer: it works flawlessly, it’s easy to mount and it has a remote lever, the 1x, with a good leverage ratio that is very intuitive to use when the rider is busy focusing on the trail. The highest extension speed is perfect and it’s very easy to fine tune directly from the remote. On the other hand, the 2x and 3x remote control needs more pressure and it’s more exposed in case of a crash. After nearly a month of heavy usage the Fox Transfer is still working like new." 

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Fox Transfer Dropper Post Overview

Yeti SB6 Custom Build w/Fox Transfer Dropper Post (Performance Series)

Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Review

MBR says that the Transfer dropper "build quality is great and rides like a top end product." They also had this to say. "The 1x remote could have offered more tunability for the money. It lacks rotational adjustment and there’s only a single mounting option — we’d like to see a way of bolting it to SRAM’s Matchmaker system and Shimano’s I-Spec in the box too. "

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May 05, 2017

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