TruVativ Descendant Carbon Crankset: Rider Review

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Cranks are something that makes or break your bike, literally, just look at Gwin... Having confidence in such an essential contact point with your bike is needed to be a confident rider. TruVativ might not be as well known as it once was but is known for their downhill origins backed by SRAM's engineering, you know these Descendant Cranks are meant to last. Brad made an upgrade to the notorious Descendant Cranks. Let's see what he thought!

Brad's Review:

TruVativ Descendant Carbon Crankset Review

I recently purchased a set of TruVativ Descendant Carbon Cranks for my 2017 Slash. I wanted to try shorter cranks and move from 175 to 170. I have bad knees and hoped that a shorter length might relieve some of the stress on my knees at the top of the stroke. Since I was replacing the bottom bracket sooner or later, I decide to give SRAM’s dub system a try - so cranks and bb it was. And of course, no set of carbon cranks is complete without a set of crank boots, also purchased from WorldwideCyclery.


TruVativ Descendant Carbon Crankset Review

"So what do I think of the cranks? They look great, and are stiff, responsive and, so far, have held up well on a variety of terrain here on BC’s North Shore. One added benefit of the slightly shorter cranks are fewer pedal strikes or, if there is a strike, it’s not as severe. It’s hard to say whether the shorter length is easier on the knees, but I tend to think it is. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and would do it again." - Brad

TruVativ Descendant Carbon Crankset Review

September 11, 2019

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