TruVativ Descendant 6K Aluminum Eagle DUB Cranks: Rider Review (Same Function, Less Money)

I'll be honest, I don't enjoy pedaling up hills. I do it because I have to in order to go down hills. For this reason, when I got a different bike, and it had a 34T chainring it just had to go. I started looking at just swapping the chainring with a smaller one, but some non-direct mount chainrings are upwards of 50 bucks. Deciding to spend a little bit more cash and upgrade to a new crank/bb that I could get chainrings on the cheap for. Sure I spent a little bit more, but now my bike looks cooler, and that's what really matters.

TruVativ  Descendant 6k Review

Install on the TruVativ Descendant crank, and the DUB bb was a breeze. The DUB standard makes things nice and simple going forth, and the availability of Sram chainrings in any size and any material makes this purchase good for any price range. The weight is competitive with any noncarbon crankset, and the price is incredible, partially thanks to Worldwide Cyclery. If you aren't concerned with carbon everything this setup is a great choice. I have gone ~100mi on it, and am very glad I made the switch from the Raceface Ride I previously had on my bike.
TruVativ  Descendant 6k Review
If you too hate going up hills and don't want to spend $$$$$$ on a new crank/chainring go TruVativ Descendant. Bonus: The text TruVativ went with on this product line matches Commencal's text, so its a match made in heaven.

TruVativ  Descendant 6k Review

November 29, 2018

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