Trust Performance Shout Fork: A Long Traveled Multi-link Front Suspension to Remember

2018 was a wild year. Among the many innovations hitting the market, nothing stood out as much as the Trust Performance Message fork. Fast forward to 2019 and Trust has finally released a 178mm long-traveled version of their fork, the Trust Shout fork.

 Trust Performance Shout Fork

Trust Shout Fork Overview:

Visually, the Shout does not differ much at all from the Message Fork, the only noticeable difference is the overall length of the fork. For those not familiar with Trusts' design, the Shout is a multi-link front suspension platform designed around riders looking for traction, stability, and control. It is most noticeable during cornering and chattery sections of rocky and rooty trails. The Shout is not limited to a certain wheel size and fits both a 27.5” and 29” wheel. On 29” and 27.5+ bikes, Shout replaces 160-180mm telescopic forks; on 27.5” bikes Shout replaces 160-170mm telescopic forks. Fitting modern trends, the steerer tube comes tapered (1 1/8” – 1 1/2”). With Boost 15mm x 110mm spacing, the Shout will fit almost any modern bike on the market, making an upgrade for most riders easy and stress-free.

Trust Performance Shout Fork

“While Shout is designed to rip on the descent, it is also meant to pedal and provide superior traction on the climb. A 3-way mode adjust provides on-the-fly adjustments to control compression performance across three positions: firm, medium and open. The firm setting integrates a high-speed blow off characteristic, provides a firm low-speed feel and features an industry-first sag point firm mode, which enables the suspension to utilize 20% sag before the lockout mechanism engages. The medium mode is designed for flow and jump trails while the open mode is best used in rowdy, rough terrain. Shout’s open and medium compression settings can also be further adjusted to fine-tune the suspension’s reaction to small bumps, G-outs, weight shifts, and slow compressions.”  - Trust Performance


Travel: 178mm

Wheel size: 27.5”, 29”

Tire Clearance: 29”x 2.6” (762 x 66) max or 27.5” x 2.8” (744 x 78) max

Brake Mount: 180mm (203mm max with adapter)

Weight: 2170g

Color: Black

Cost: $1975

Warranty: Lifetime + Crash Replacement Guarantee

How it Works? (Worded by Trust)

Trust Performance Shout Fork

Contour Travel

The most notable feature of Trust Performance suspension is its dynamic wheel path. When the front wheel encounters an impact, Shout’s axle moves back and up simultaneously creating a dynamic wheel path. This enables the tire to trace the shapes of bumps—both big and small—and maintain tire contact with the ground longer. More contact simply provides more traction, so the faster and rougher the terrain, the more Shout’s wheel path, and dynamic offset allow you to attack as hard as you want.

Full Carbon Construction

When it comes to suspension lowers, it is fair to say that stiffer is better—especially on a long travel suspension platform. Shout’s single-piece steerer-tube, crown, and chassis generate very little fore/aft flex. And, because the structural and suspension duties are separated, Shout’s suspension system moves freely with minimal stiction and no binding. The result: more consistent handling and a more responsive suspension platform that tracks and remains stable as the rider charges through everything from loose corners to technical descents.

A Sag Point Firm Mode

Real climbs in the real world often have short descents, choppy bumps, and loose flats. Which is why Shout incorporates a real-world sag point lockout mode allowing the suspension to remain open and plush in the first 20% of the travel. This means the suspension absorbs bumps and carves turns, not only saving energy on uphill climbs, but also making for a smoother, more efficient pedal with optimal traction.

Trust Performance Shout Fork

Our Take:

Well, unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to hop on the Shout before it was released but we did spend a lot of time of the Message Fork. Being that the design is virtually the same, I guarantee our thoughts will be the same. If you have not seen this already or need a reminder, here is our video on the Message:


Trust Performance Shout Fork

September 03, 2019

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