Trending Mountain Bike Products: January 2020 [Video]


Yup, hitting you guys with a new set of trending products for January 2020, our first for the new year. These products are what we see being sold the most, meaning they're what you guys are needing or liking the most. From Rockshox shock pumps, to Stan's tubeless tire plugs, chain lube, power meters and more! These assist your riding, making your time on the bike more enjoyable. Check ‘em out!

RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump - $35

Rockshox High Pressure Shock Pump

The Rockshox High-Pressure Fork/Shock Pump is a great way to make sure your suspension is set up correctly for you and the terrain you are about to ride. I think it's always a good idea to have a few shock pumps: at your house, in your car, and in your gear bag. While you don’t need to check your pressure every ride, and I don’t recommend doing so, you will almost never regret having one around for yourself or for a riding buddy. You could be going to a new type of terrain or a bike park and need to make an adjustment. This Rockshox High-Pressure shock pump goes up to 300 PSI, so that makes it good for pretty much every rear shock and rider out there as most shocks max out at 250-300 PSI anyway. Grab one for yourself or a friend who is always asking to borrow one, you'll be glad you did. 

RockShox High-Pressure Fork / Shock Pump

Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Boost Power Meter Spider - $599

Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Boost Power Meter Spider

This might be a little bit of a different product, but with the success of Sram AXS and their cranks, this Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Boost Power Meter Spider has been selling right and left. The biggest thing I want to say about this is that these Quarq power meters will ONLY work with an 8-bolt crank interface, and will not work with your stock AXS or Eagle 3-bolt crankset that most bikes have. If you have an 8-bolt or are looking to get a new crankset with a power meter, make sure you get an 8-bolt crankset. Once you have the crankset to mount this watt reading machine, it will do exactly that. Read and measure your watt bombs so you can either use it to train or just brag on your riding buds that you crush their weak little legs. Either way, we have been selling a lot of these Quarq DZero XX1 Eagle AXS DUB Boost Power Meters. While I think it's more for training purposes, bragging rights are cool, too. 

Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider

SRAM X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter & Rear Derailleur, 12 Speed, Black/White - $355

Sram X01 Eagle Shifter and Derailleur Bundle

The Bald Eagle is the United States’ national bird and I think it's pretty difficult to describe them as anything other than pretty cool, straight-up savages of the sky. That is completely unrelated to this X01 Eagle Shifter and Derailleur bundle except for one thing: I think it’s also pretty cool. This SRAM X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter & Rear Derailleur for 12 speed drivetrains is a great combo, especially if you want to use a different crankset or cassette on your 12 speed bike. It also makes a great replacement or upgrade kit if you already have an NX or GX Eagle drivetrain on your bike. The X01 shifter has a sharp and precise feeling to it every shift and the rear derailleur helps keep your chain on, guiding each shift into the correct cog. So maybe the X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter & Rear Derailleur and Bald Eagle have a few things in common… 

SRAM X01 Eagle Trigger Shifter & Rear Derailleur

Stan's NoTubes DART - $25

Stan's Dart Tubeless Tool

The Stan’s No Tubes DART tubeless tire plug tool is something that we literally cannot keep in stock. Since they came out a few months ago, they have been literally flying around the shop. With a greater plugging diameter than traditional bacon plugs, we've seen the DART fix and hold 6mm holes in both the tread and the sidewall, something the bacon strips failed to do. It's a nice, small tool that can fit in your pocket or in a riding bag that you won't notice, but you'll be extremely glad you have it when you need it most. The Stan’s No Tubes Dart Tubeless tool is a great tool that will help keep your bike ride going. ‘Nuff said. 

Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool

Rock-N-Roll Extreme Bike Chain Lube - $19.98

Rock-N-Roll Extreme Bike Chain Lube

I think one of the most annoying things is when your buddy's bike chain is squeaking so loudly it’s messing up your riding. This Rock-N-Roll Extreme Bike Chain Lube will make sure your chain stays lubed and quiet. There is a small drip bottle that helps you apply the lube to your chain, as well as a 16 fl. oz. bottle to refill the small bottle. You can usually get about four small 4oz. bottles refilled with the 16oz. bottle (after all, math). This Extreme Lube works great in most conditions and especially in dry and dusty conditions. Do yourself and your friends a favor and keep that chain lubed. 

Rock-N-Roll Extreme Bike Chain Lube

Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle - $7.95

Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle

This Worldwide Cyclery branded water bottle is great if you want to keep some water or drink mix on your bike to stay hydrated, we all know that. But what you might not know is that there is some magic hidden in this bottle as well: it will help you ride farther and faster. The bottle also works well to stash some beer or mix your cocktails in and go out for a night. Lately, I’ve been leaving one of these WWC bottles loaded with some vitamins up in the Van for post-rides or post-nights. Either way, this water bottle with the help you ride far, stay hydrated, and store any liquid you need. 

Worldwide Cyclery Water Bottle

Worldwide Cyclery Lightweight Hoodie - $34.99

Worldwide Cyclery Ultralite Hoodie

This new Worldwide Lightweight hoodie has been in the prototyping phase for what seems like months now. Going through a plethora of tests at all of our locations so you know it's seen its fair share of weather. The Lightweight Hoodie is a great middle-ground when a t-shirt is just too dang cold but a jacket is overkill. We often wear them inside the shop since the dude who runs this place likes to keep the heating bill to a minimum. It has long sleeves to keep those arms warm, but to make things even better, it has a hood to keep those ears warm. We also find that the hood is a good way to block out the haters, hide from your ex at the bar, or block your face from being seen at your the local bike shop because you're wearing our jacket. Either way, the Lightweight hoodie will keep you balanced and warm, and that’s a guarantee. 

Worldwide Cyclery Lightweight Hoodie

January 31, 2020

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