Trending MTB Products This Month! Top 5 (Ep 8.23) [Video]

August 2023 has come and gone, yet the Trending MTB Products are here to stay. Prepare yourself for an enthralling episode that will make you laugh, cry, and make you want to ride your bike. Featuring products from brands like Maxxis, Fox, RockShox and more, you may just find something you didn't even know you needed.


Prestacycle Prestaflator ECO Presta/Schrader Auto-Select Bicycle Inflation Tool

Prestacycle Prestaflator

If you are one of the lucky ones who own an air compressor, bravo. This particular tool is an invaluable addition to anyone who owns such a device, allowing you to seamlessly and effortlessly inflate tires of all kinds to exacting specifications as well as install new tires no matter the sidewall thickness. Most similar devices can cost upwards of an arm and a leg, so it's refreshing to see such a tool at such an affordable price.

Prestacycle Prestaflator

Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner

Quarq Shockwiz

If you have ever struggled with getting your suspension fully dialed in, the Quarq Shockwiz is just the ticket. Simply connect this device to your shock or fork via the air port, attach with some zip ties, pair with your mobile device and get out for a ride. The Shockwiz will relay all of the data from your ride to your device and will tell you exactly the adjustments that you need to make in order for your suspension to achieve the desired feel on the trail. Not only does it allow you to fully dial in your suspension to feel exactly how you want it, it serves as a learning device to help you learn more about your suspension and what each adjustment does to the feel of the bike out on the trail. Quarq Shockwiz

FOX 36 Factory Suspension Fork

 Fox 36 Suspension Fork

Quite possibly the most legendary suspension fork in existence, the Fox 36 needs no introduction, even though I just introduced it. This version with the Grip2 damper, pressure relief valves and updated architecture is the most popular variant and is commonly found on everything from burly short travel bikes all the way to aggressive trail bikes. Not the type to sport that bling bling on your bike? Maybe the stealthy Performance Elite version is more your flavor - offering all of the same performance in a more subtle black on black colorway.

FOX 36

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 3 RC2 Suspension Fork

RockShox Lyrik

The RockShox competitor to the Fox 36, the RockShox Lyrik is named after the words to your favorite song. That may or may not be true, however, even though the origins of the name of this fork remain a mystery to us, it doesn't stop us from singing the sweet song effortlessly shredding your favorite trail. Recently updated with the new Charger 3 damper, pressure relief valves and Buttercups, this new Lyrik is the best yet and riders everywhere have been loving it, including myself. 

RockShox Lyrik

Maxxis Dissector Tire

Maxxis Dissector

This Maxxis tire was the brainchild of elite downhill racer Troy Brosnan and the brains over at Maxxis. They wanted to create a tire that would have a fast rolling tread pattern but would still provide the necessary grip and control that you need on the world's most challenging downhill tracks. Originally conceived as a downhill rear tire, it's now available in a variety of casings and sizes that would be appropriate on a trail/enduro bike, or even on a shorter travel bike. We've also sported it in the EXO 3C MaxxTerra version on the front of a downcountry bike and have had great results.

Maxxis Dissector Tires

Maxxis Forekaster Tire

Maxxis Forekaster

An old tire name with a new design. The Forekaster was previously a very lightweight, fast rolling cross country tire that was aimed at the hardcore XC crowd and was always a fan favorite. This new design was conceived with the latest crop of downcountry bikes in mind - bikes that are efficient and lightweight but need the grip so their limits can be fully realized out on the trail. Sporting more, taller knobs as well as multiple rubber compounds, many riders have been loving this new iteration of a Maxxis classic and reasonably so. Its ability to combine rolling speed with a reasonable level of grip for the application has people proclaiming it as their favorite new tire for the segment, our own Jeff Cayley included.

Maxxis Forekaster Tires

Trail One Farlow Gap Grips

Trail One Farlow Gap

Slim thick, thin thick, call it whatever you want because these new Farlow Gap grips from Trail One are sure to please. Our original grip, the Hell's Gate, offered a fantastic level of cushion to your hands to help smooth out the chatter on the trail and give your paws a break. We recieved some feedback from riders that while they loved the design, they wanted to see another version that was slightly thinner since grip preferences are different for everyone. With this feedback in mind, we went back to the drawing board and came up with the Farlow Gap. With some similar features as the Hell's Gate in a thinner package, these new grips have been a hit with riders everywhere. Combine these awesome grips with the fact that $1 from each purchase goes to the respective trail crews, you get to feel giddy that you're helping others as well.

Farlow Gap Grips

KETL Skid Mark Shorts

Skid Mark Shorts

These new shorts from KETL are the product of years of research and development. Sporting a unique fabric that's both comfortable and durable, the Skid Mark shorts host a full suite of features from dual side and dual rear zipper pockets to a bike specific cut and rear arse ventilation holes so you can look and feel great on the bike no matter what. 

Skid Mark Shorts

If you are one strange human that would like to read a transcript of the video above, continue reading below!

Today on the channel we are going to review this beautiful miniature Billiards set and but you're going to have to wait until the end of the video that's that's our other YouTube channel Jeff and Jared's knickknack paddy whack reviews this one is worldwide Cyclery we're going to talk about the most popular trending mountain bike products for the month of August 2023 what mountain bikers are buying and tell you about them you'll learn something if you're a mountain biker and I guess we could still talk about the what are the balls like in this sucker that's what she says little balls oh

First product of today's video is the Presta cycle Schrader Eco valve inflator Presta cycle press deflator press the cycle plaster pesto flater it inflates I can't believe that's the name of this product but it is a good product it's thirty dollars and if you're looking for a good air compressor attachment that can fill up Presta and Schrader valves with a gauge yeah for only 30 bucks which is actually a really good deal because most the time these things are much more expensive press the cycle has you covered with the Presta cycle press deflator Eco version Preston Cycles got you covered the next product is significantly more high-end in bougie and it is the cork shock Wiz so this is a little device that helps you really really dial in the air suspension on your mountain bike it's actually pretty cool story this was on a Kickstarter campaign from an Australian bloke many years ago basically invented this device that hooks onto the Schrader valve of your air shock or Air Force all of the data it collects can go to an app on your phone it was amazing it was so amazing that SRAM who owns cork immediately bought it and branded it as their own and made it this awesome device It's relatively expensive however we made a whole video All About It explaining how it works how useful it is and really it helps you learn your suspension settings and learn about suspension in general and it's worth kind of going in with your buddies because you can all kind of share it after the fact F5 friends all want to learn about suspension and tune your air suspension Court shockwiz I got plenty of friends I can name three right off the bat you use one of those yeah I actually no I have never but I want to and I've been meaning to for about five years now and I still have not done it but I I did not know that super cool story about the kickstarter that's awesome but yeah I've heard a lot of good things and people love those things it is I did use it and it is awesome and it is very educational and it gives you all of these charts that shows you exactly how many times you bottomed out what percentage of your suspension you're using and gives you actionable recommendations if you should make your rebound faster or slower add more pressure add more tokens Etc so pretty cool yeah definitely a great product and something interesting if you want to learn more about mountain bike suspension and how to tune it and speaking of suspension I knew you're gonna say it oh I love those Segways I got ourselves a fox 36 here you know just your classic all-mountain high performance mountain bike suspension Fork this one in particular has the grip 2 damper with Independent high speed and low speed rebound and compression adjustments obviously an air spring and you know it's got these nice little bleeder valves on the back when you go and this is so nice when you do that and you get that satisfactory just a lot of products in the mountain bike industry right now are on sale because the whole industry essentially over forecasted and thought that this abnormal level of consumer demand that happened during the peak pandemic years was gonna last forever and it didn't last forever so now there's a lot more product than everyone really wants so you can get an amazing Fork like this for quite a good deal so if you're looking for a suspension upgrade fork or rear shock there's literally no better time in history that I know of to buy that at a really good price uh inflation is not happening in the mountain bike industry it is completely obliterated as of about nine months ago I know I look at spreadsheets of finances all the time and it's true speaking of inflation you can inflate your Rockstar you can inflate your rock shock lyric Fork this is essentially the direct competitor to the fox 36 but on the RockShox side also has Independent high and low speed compression correct that's right air spring tunable progressivity via tokens oh yeah um and you got your bleeder valves which may or may not be the main subject of a lawsuit going on right now there is a lawsuit between RockShox and fox about those little bleeder valves which is not even really a huge feature which doesn't MRP also have those and or dvo there yeah there's definitely some other brands infringing on that patent what those do essentially is allow you to equalize the pressure in your lower legs in case you changed altitude or heat or whatever or you just have a buildup of pressure it's kind of one of those things that um I cannot authentically tell you that that is a feature that matters that much being honest we recently sold out and now we've got this great ad so check it out and now a word from our sponsors in a world where trees shiver in fear every time someone goes to the bathroom oh no not another Branch one hero rises from the depths of the laundry basket to save the day introducing reusable reusable reusable when you're done give it a tour wash it clean hang it high use it again oh my my gone are the days of flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet with reasonable not only will you save trees but you'll also save money on your monthly TP budget thanks for giving my branches a break with reuse roll I'm not just wiping away my problems I'm saving the planet made with Organic fibers and designed for maximum Comfort on cleanliness you can wash and reuse making each trip to the throne both eco-friendly and economically wise my family used to argue about over or under now we debate watch or wear for those of you worried about cleanliness don't sweat it our patented clean and Green Technology ensures that each sheet is just as fresh as the tenth time is the first it's soft it's the eco-friendly and sweet for everyone bigger small reusable has got it all so next time Nature Calls answer with a clear conscience and a cleaner Planet reuse the roll the toilet paper of the future today be the change with everyone reuse a role you're doing it right available now at Econ stores near you trees everywhere thank you for your support and now back to the show you know something we never get tired of tires are always a popular and top selling item in the mountain bike world and the different models change and right now a couple trending models which I'm actually riding right now one of them tied neck and neck oh Maxis dissector and Maxis forecaster oh the new forecaster yeah the new forecaster so they recycled they recycled that name uh with a slightly different tread pattern than the original but it's pretty good Liam wrote it and said it was really good and then he said I have to try it and I tried it and I was kind of hell-bent on riding the dissector on the front of my Revel Ranger and I tried the forecaster and it's good you're sold I'm kind of sold yeah yeah what's your experience you know I actually unfortunately don't have any experience with the forecaster not yet but I do have experience with the dissector not like a huge fan of it as a front tire but I do like it as a rear because it seems to be pretty fast rolling yet it still has a good grip but I see you have your wheel here it all depends on the bike really it does this is the front wheel from my Revel Ranger which is a 115 mil travel 29er light fast trail bike some might say this is the front tire I have on here I've ridden this now in two Adventure races I've recently got into Adventure races and I love this tire I've been riding this tire a lot and it's just good it's a guitar I think it just has a better grip sort of transition from the center to the cornering knobs and it feels faster than the dissector I used to always run the dissector on the front of that bike and the Recon on the back now we're in the forecaster and the Recon in the back oh and it's good looks good it looked initially like it wasn't going to grip that well because the knobs are low and they're lower than the dissector corner knobs but it actually grips really well nice so yeah I'm very impressed with this tire for that type of bike light trail bike this tire is fast and super grippy as a front tire and they're about the same weight true which almost identical yeah almost identical weights dissector is available in more variations that is true but that's only a matter of time until Maxis comes out with 10 000 more variants for the forecaster as it gets more popular indeed there's your tire news for the day there's your tire news for the day at least but not last at least but not last we've got the farlo Gap grips here oh my gosh would you just take a gander at those these are the newest grips from Shell one with a similar design to the Hell's Gate grip but with a smaller diameter which will allow smaller Pond humans to grab easier not necessarily smaller Pond but people who prefer different diameter grip if you're watching this video this long you're probably well aware that we are co-owners and Trail one components amount by component brand where we're getting to work with an amazing engineer to design really good mountain bike stuff that we enjoy we made a grip called the Hell's Gate grip which took off super well and was very much loved by a lot of people albeit could call it a mid thick grip mid thick mid thick and some people wanted a mid thin or slim thick no that's where the Farlow Gap grip came from we took kind of the uh initial design cues that really made the Hell's Gate grip something that we liked and enjoyed and put it in a thinner package so it still has some pads here for your metacarpals to cushion a little bit there still has some traction bars there

What was that fire oh fire oh my goodness what's the procedure what do we do people oh my gosh that must have been the billiards table anyways a fantastic set of grips and one dollar from every pair of these sold goes to the Farlow Gap trail organization well not far lower Gap trail organization the trail organization that maintains Farlow Gap why are you still laughing a few moments later actually at least but not last Kettle Mountain has come out with some new shorts that we designed and put a lot of work into mountain bike shorts mountain bike specific shorts mountain bike shorts It's called skid marks yeah so we actually got the name on a YouTube Community poll we said what's the best name for a mountain bike short and if you give us a good one we will pick it and give you free pair of shorts did we ever give that guy some shorts we replied to his comment said you won you guessed skid mark and we like the name we used it I was not in charge of that oh wow if you didn't get the shorts and you are the guy we tried to give you shorts but it's hard on YouTube because how do you can't message someone yeah maybe he did get the shorts I don't even know I hope he did yeah I hope he did yeah and if you didn't we'll give him another pair yeah two pairs for you good sir but the skid mark shorts uh two zipper pockets on either side that go backwards so they're very accessible while you're sitting in the saddle um two rear Pockets with no outside seams in this area so when your tire hits your butt and leaves a skid mark it won't rip this stitches out there you go some arse ventilation holes here gripper internal waistband there's a lot of details we thought about these anyways the link is in the description if you're curious to check them out we put a lot of work into them and people so far are loving them and they fit well they fit well with knee pads and they're kind of dialed in specifically for being on a bike we worked really hard on these and we think you're gonna like them so we are ditching our worst purchases for the month because we didn't really have any really bad purchases not this month but we have a couple of great purchases mine is a Henson razor I just saw an Instagram ad for this really cool razor made in Canada h-e-n-s-o-n and it's sweet I haven't used it I haven't used it recently as you can see no I used it like seven days ago but it's a super nice razor like it just doesn't leave any razor burn anyways you gotta just check it out electric if you're in no no just a straight up like straight blade razor you're crazy really unique no it's a really unique design so you can't cut yourself with it you got to watch the ad the videos on their website wow so good it's such a good product I was absolutely stoked on the thing wow and it lasts for life really yeah so impressive never have to buy another one Canadian made I like it what did you buy well I got two I guess one of them is the reuser roll which you guys saw the ad for earlier really loving those who sponsored the channel and um also I got one of the new Kettle hats The Virtue what is it no not virtue event hat the vent hat yeah like one of these except I got the black one and I wear it running all the time and it's great because it keeps sweat out of my brow and it's super lightweight and flexible like look at that I mean look at all the ventilation and this is not a Shameless plug I genuinely was looking through my purchase history before this video trying to figure out one of my favorite purchases for the month and this was it yeah both of these hats are something that we created and took a lot of time making probably two years before we actually got these things to real life because we were so picky about the bill and a little bit of elastic back here and the Buckle and every other little tiny detail and yeah I'm shocked at how good these came out it's great this is one of those hats you buy and you get it and you're like whoa it's nice I love it you put it on and you use it and you're like wow that's nice I loved it so much I bought one for my dad for his birthday he doesn't even know yet nice yeah is he gonna watch this video before his birthday well thankfully he's gonna get it before the video comes up yeah I'm sure he doesn't watch it

We'll see you guys next month probably Namaste.

August 31, 2023

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