Trail One Components Hell’s Gate Grips (Rider Review)

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Over many years we watched the market and decided to manufacture a grip that combines comfort and traction for your hands. Not only are we proud with our final product, see what our customers think of the Hell's Gate Grip!



On a whim, I ended up with the best grips I've ever ridden. After a crash that snapped a brake lever and damaged a grip, I reached out to Worldwide Cyclery for help. They provided excellent customer support and guidance on the replacement master cylinder I needed. On impulse, I added the Trail One Hell’s Gate grips to my order. How much difference can grips make? A lot, as it turns out.

I had been using the DMR Deathgrip, which I liked, but I decided to try the Trail One Hell’s Gate grips after regularly listening to The Mountain Bike Podcast. Testing new parts is always exciting, and the difference with these grips was immediately noticeable. As a contact and control point, having the right feel is crucial. I liked the look of the grip and trusted the thoughtful design described by the Trail One team.

I was initially wary of the flange on these grips, recalling blistered thumbs from my BMX days. However, the flange is only on the top side, leaving the thumb unobstructed for shifting and dropper operations. I had previously noticed uneven hand placement on my bars, with my right hand always further out than my left. I even adjusted my brake lever to compensate. With these new grips, the flange helps my hands find the correct position without looking down. My hand placement has evened out, requiring minimal adjustment while riding.

The grips feel solid and somewhat thick, which inspires confidence on the trail. Given the price and quality, I bought another set for my riding partner, who was overdue for an upgrade, and he loves them too. I used to ride my bike as it came out of the box, but I've realized how a small change to the controls can transform the cockpit feel. The grips were easy to install, and the lock ring feature has been reliable.

Additionally, it feels good to know that each purchase helps support a trail network. The unique feel of these grips might not be for every rider, but if you like them, you'll be hooked. They also look great on the bars. I'm expecting a new bike soon, and a fresh set of Hell’s Gate grips will be waiting—now I just have to decide which color!

Final Thoughts

The Trail One Hell’s Gate grips have significantly improved my riding experience. With their thoughtful design, easy installation, and solid feel, they offer both comfort and control. If you're considering a grip upgrade, these are definitely worth trying.


May 30, 2024

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