Trending MTB Products: November '19 Edition [Video]

We are back, yet again for a new top products, this time for the month of November. Not only are these products that we like and often choose to ride, but they are also the products we sell most frequently. Some are new, some are not, but all of them work well and provide great value to you and your mountain bike riding needs. Check em’ out. 

Industry Nine 1/1 Enduro S Wheelset - 29", 15 x 110mm/12 x 148mm, XD, 6-Bolt, Black (WE0430) - $750.00

There is no getting around the fact that we really like, and often talk about Industry Nine wheelsets. Not only do they offer some amazing features including a very high engagement hub but they are also machined in the USA. Most of us even choose to ride these wheels on our personal bikes. We like to support what we ride and the Industry Nine wheels are no different. This time around we are talking about one of their newer wheels, the Industry Nine 1/1 Enduro S wheelset that features the 1/1 hub, J-bend spokes and a solid rim with a 30.5mm inner width. 

Industry Nine 101 Wheelset

We have done a stand-alone review on these wheels as well, so make sure to check that out. I’ll just touch on some of the top features of these wheels starting with the price tag, at just $750 it’s still not dirt cheap but for this high quality of a wheel, it's a great value. The 1/1 hubs are also really solid hubs and I9 offers them in a hub only option as well. They offer 90 points of engagement with fast-rolling bearings and seals that reduce friction and keep the dirt and dust out. Lastly, the J-bend spokes, they are the most popular style of spoke and just about every bike shop has a few spares lying around, that makes these wheels great if you are on a trip. You can break a spoke but will still likely be able to get a replacement spoke at almost any shop. With a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, the Industry Nine 1/1 Enduro S wheelset is a great value package for any level of rider. 

Industry Nine 101 Enduro S Wheelset

RockShox Charger2.1 RC2 Damper Upgrade Kit, fits Lyrik B1+/Yari A1+ (FK9671) - $330

RockShox Charger2.1 RC2 Damper Upgrade Kit

Earlier this year RockShox released their 2020 suspension line and within that was the Charger 2.1 RC2 damper, being featured in Lyrik and Pike Ultimate forks. Additionally, you can buy this Charger 2.1 RC2 Damper as an upgrade kit to throw in your Lyrik or Yari fork to improve performance (there is a Pike and Revelation version as well). If you have a year old Rockshox Lyrik/Yari, or even a couple year old fork, this damper could be a replacement to an old worn out unit, or just give you that little bit better suspension performance that you’re looking for. The RC2 damper features independent High Speed Compression and Low Speed Compression adjustments along with a rebound adjustment. We have been very impressed with the ride quality this damper provides in the new forks as well as a couple of older forks, and based on their popularity, it seems as though the consumer is loving them too.

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RockShox SID Select Suspension Fork: 29", 120mm DebonAir, Charger RL Damper, 15 x 110mm, 51mm Offset, Diffusion Black (FK4870) - $599

RockShox SID Select Suspension Fork

Another fresh Rockshox product in their 2020 line is the Rockshox Sid Select fork. As I am sure many of you already know, this fork is a great upgrade to any xc bike, full-suspension or hardtail. This exact model happens to be the 120mm travel version with boost spacing, it’s becoming more common to spec a 120mm fork on a XC hardtail or full suspension bike as it really doesn’t add any more weight but helps with handling and downhill performance quite a bit. At $599, it sits right in the middle of the suspension price range but offers amazing performance, making this fork another great value option. 

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New WC Afternoon Delight T-Shirt - $19.95

WC Afternoon Delight T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like a little or a lot of Afternoon Delight? I know I do and that is exactly why our Worldwide Cyclery graphic arts team (aka Reamonn) put together this new shirt design. Designed with the intention to remind you that if you’re having a rough morning there is always hope for some Afternoon Delight. Pick your flavor, grey or black, either way we know it's hard to have a bad afternoon with this amazing shirt on. 

WC Afternoon Delight Tee

Trust Performance Shout Suspension Fork - 27.5/27.5+/29", 178mm, 15 x 110mm, Carbon, Black (FK9504) - $1,975

Trust Performance Shout Suspension Fork

Last year Trust Performance blew minds with their very different looking, multi-link suspension fork, The Message. The Message has 130mm travel with 535mm axle to crown, making it a killer fork for a shorter travel bike. Now, Trust Performance has done it again with their new fork, The Shout. The Shout has a very similar look, the same ride features but a huge 178mm travel number. While you might be thinking that 178mm travel doesn’t fit on many bikes, there is a twist. Since the fork has multi-link travel similar to your rear travel on your bike, they can manipulate the movement and get 178mm of travel with an axle to crown measurement of 580mm!  So any bike that would work good with a 160mm or 170mm traditional fork, will be a perfect platform for the Trust Performance The Shout fork. 

The Shout performs like no other fork on the market, helping keep traction through corners, eating up square hits without a care in the world, and having a very stiff platform that lends to very precise handling.  Listen to the message we're giving you and give us a shout if you're on the fence. Trust us you won't be sorry. 

Trust Performance Shout Fork

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake and Lever - Front or Rear, Hydraulic, Post Mount, Black/Gray - (BR6439) - $215.10

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake and Lever

Are you looking to improve your braking performance without breaking your bank? The Magura MT7 pro disc brake set is yet another great value product and I am about to tell you why. For $215 you get a brake that can be used front or rear brake from Magura that provides the insane stopping power that you’d expect from Magura brakes. The feel you’ll get from Magura brakes is often more On/Off than a Sram or TRP brake but, some of us love that feeling, it really comes down to personal preference on how you like your brakes to feel. Using Magura Royal Blood Mineral fluid for the brake fluid, bleeding these brakes is about the same as any other brakes on the market, once you know the tricks it's a breeze. A great value, with top level stopping power and pretty low weight. It’s easy to see why the Magura MT7 Pro disc brakes are a top selling item. 

Magura MT7 Brakes

FOX Float NA 2 Air Volume Spacer for 36, 10 cc (FK2086) - $5.99

Last but certainly not least, we have the Fox 36 air volume spacer, it may be a tiny part but it can make a huge impact during your ride. Volume spacers have become commonplace while tuning suspension and for good reason. With people having personal preferences and widely varying bike geometry, the ability to adjust your suspension is becoming increasingly more necessary. By adding one of these volume spacers to your Fox 36 fork you will make the fork harder to bottom out with the same force applied. 

FOX Float NA 2 Air Volume Spacer for 36

Take a balloon, for example, if you have air in a balloon you can push down on the balloon and almost touch the other side without much force. But if you put that balloon inside a box of similar size or even squeeze it in a little, when you push on the balloon with the same force you will not get nearly as close to touching the other side and will need to use more and more force. That is basically what it is like to add a volume spacer inside your air chamber. If you find yourself using more travel more often than you would like, try adding a volume spacer and see if that helps. For only $5.99 it's one of the cheapest yet most noticeable adjustments you can make to your bike and hopefully improve your ride.

FOX Float Volume Spacer

November 29, 2019

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