SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette [Rider Review]

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Very few brands can compete with SRAM when it comes to quality and performance. Their X01 Eagle cassette is a thing of beauty and will have your bike shifting like butter. In this review, our customer was looking to add some style to his Yeti SB130. Check out what he had to say about the SRAM X01 Eagle cassette!

SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette Rider Review


I bought the SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette - 12 Speed, 10-50t, Black, XD Driver Body as an upgrade for my new carbon wheel build. The Eagle X01 is over 100 grams lighter than the Eagle GX, which doesn't sound like much but being that is rotational mass connected to your wheel is really does make a big difference. With the X01 cassette, the 10-42 tooth cluster is machined out of a single piece of Chromoly and the 50 tooth is aluminum. The GX version each individual cog is made from stamped steel then they are all pinned together. This makes the X01 cassette much stronger and more durable than the GX version.

SRAM X01 Eagle XG-1295 Cassette Rider Review

Additional Upgrades

If you are upgrading from aluminum rims to carbon rims the extras mass savings is noticeable.

I saved more than a pound and a half in the upgrade (complete wheelset, carbon rims, and the cassette) which made the bike feel like a rocket accelerating.

I also put on a new Maxxis Minion DHF Tire - 29 x 2.5, 3C Maxx Terra, EXO, Wide Trail for the front tire, and a Maxxis Minion DHR II 29x2.30 EXO Tire for the rear. Because Maxxis tires are awesome for traction. 

Final Thoughts

New parts always make your bike feel brand new all over again! And I'm sure once you install a new X01 cassette on your bike you will crush all KOM's at your local trails, everyone around you will drool over how cool and awesome your bike is and you will appear 99.98% more attractive to all the beautiful people around you. You will likely no longer need to work because of how famous you will become. You will be sponsored by all the major bike brands. People will recognize you everywhere you go. Be prepared to give tons of high fives, because that's a thing now, and everyone is gonna want one. The internets will crash evetime you upload your new video to your youtube page because of all the traffic it receives.

Pretty much you will become the bestest mostest awesomest you, you can ever imagine. You will have an entourage of people constantly following you around providing you with all the sustenance you need to survive from beverages, to tasty snacks, to the always needed confidence-boosting compliments you rely on to huck the biggest booters, rail the berms, slay some gaps, roost your buds, session the gnar, bunny hop benches, crash through chunder, ratchet through rock gardens, trackstand the teeter totter, shralp some loam, steez your whips, pretty much full send full time. You will have to grow a mullet because your moves will be so silky smooth they will call you a pantene pro. It'll be more awesome than you have ever dreamed about. BRAP, BRAAP, BRAAAAAAP

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January 07, 2021

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