SRAM NX Eagle Crankset [Rider Review]

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For those riders still rocking the 2x drivetrain setup, SRAM NX Eagle is the perfect entry to the world of 1x. In this review, our customer Sidney was looking to update an outdated mountain bike drivetrain. First opting for the NX Eagle crankset and eventually upgrading again GX Eagle, Sidney was seriously looking to improve performance. Check out the review for more!

SRAM NX eagle crankset rider review


Earlier this year I purchased two mountain bikes for my boys (10 and 11 years old). After watching them have fun riding a local trail all summer long, I decided to start riding again. Considering the diverse options and brands on the market today as well as considering the steep cost of bikes including the latest technology in mtb design and engineering. I purchased a cheap Specialized Rockhopper hardtail bike to get back into the swing of mtb riding again. After the first ride, I knew that upgrades were in line however, I didn’t know exactly which changes I wanted to make. After reviewing the options out there, I thought it would be easier to start off the first upgrade with the drivetrain. I decided on buying components across the SRAM Eagle drivetrain including a mixture of NX Eagle and GX parts based on others that have picked and chosen from the SRAM Eagle line-up.

After searching the web for the components I wanted, I decide to buy the drive train parts from Worldwide Cyclery (WWC). This was a no brainer since there was a bit of confusion as to what I was buying on other sites.

Also, WWC’s site made shopping a flash including validation of compatibility and making recommendations for compatible products.

During the search mentioned earlier, there were some other mtb retailers online that were downright confusing to me. Maybe it was just the fact that there are so many different options and there is a learning gap for a newbie. However, I really liked the fact that the SRAM Eagle components across the different levels integrate and perform nicely together. 

Final Thoughts

After reading several reviews on cranksets, I quickly changed my order via email, and shortly after that I received a response from one of the guys at WWC, I appreciate that they were quick to respond and update my order before shipping. I replaced the 170 mm NX crankset with a 165mm GX crankset. After the install of these parts, I found riding much more responsive going uphill. The 1x12 drivetrain was well worth it. Also, this gave me a chance to work on my bike to get an understanding of how Eagle drivetrain components work together. I want to thank the guys at WWC for all of their help and fast shipping. I will definitely purchase more products from WWC in the future.

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March 16, 2021

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