SRAM NX Eagle 12-Speed Groupset: Rider Review

Have you been looking for that 12-speed drivetrain that won't break the bank? Sram NX Eagle is sure to be a game-changing drivetrain that will offer the range you want without having to starve your children! A friend of the shop, Christofer, got himself a new NX Eagle drivetrain and wrote up a pretty sweet review on how he's liking it so far. Check it out!

Sram NX Eagle 12-Speed Rider Review


First I gotta say that Worldwide Cyclery helped me out a lot with purchasing this Sram drivetrain. My local bike shop either did not have knowledge of this or wanted to charge me more money because they were telling me that the only way to go 1x12 is to change my wheels and would cost me over $1000. When I turned to Worldwide Cyclery they responded within a day with a $300 solution to my problem.


I have a 2018 Giant Stance 2 and it has a Shimano freehub. This is my first mountain bike and I have never changed any parts on a bike before. This installation was very easy and Worldwide Cyclery helped me order the tools that I needed. I also YouTube'd a few videos on how to install the Sram NX eagle drivetrain and how to get the correct chain length. The full installation took me 2 hours and I did it at night because I was so excited to get on the trails the next morning!


Sram NX Eagle 12-Speed Rider Review

First Ride Impressions

I gotta say I love this drivetrain! It handles so amazingly on the trails. The hill climbs are so smooth now. The shifting is wonderful and I haven’t had any problems with the size of the derailleur yet. Also, my dropper post lever was on my right side and at an uncomfortable distance. Now that I don’t have a front shifter it’s on my left side and within a comfortable distance of my thumb and much easier to activate. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a 1x12 that doesn’t have an XD Freehub body. 

Additional Comments

One thing to know is that the shifter doesn’t come with a with a clamp for your handlebar and I had to also purchase a mismatch adapter.

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December 07, 2018

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