SRAM Level TL Disc Brake and Lever [Rider Review}

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SRAM offers a wide range of brakes, from Downhill to XC, entry level to high performance. The SRAM Level TL brakes balance performance and budget very well. Our friend, Jamie, just slapped a set on their bike. Check out what they think!

SRAM Level TL Disc Brake and Lever


This item is a replacement for my same TL that went bad on my specialized bike. The same thing happened with my rear brakes. After my inspection, it didn’t seem to be anything related to needing a brake bleed, but really just stopped working. This is the reason for my replacement purchase.

As for this out of the box, it is very easy to install and use. WWC shipped it from CA to MN, which arrived in about 7 days (during COVID, that’s pretty fast!). It comes in a sleek box with the items necessary for install.

As far as the functionality of the brake, it’s very touchy when I need it most. Whether it’s coming to a quick stop on a fast descend, or a massive downhill rocky trail, they are trustworthy and responsive to keep me in the spot I want to be. There is no issue with the brake being stuck in the closed position, which is something I experienced within 2 years, and the reason for replacing.

From a design and styling standpoint,

I think they look sleek with the glossy, jet black coloring (pictured).

It fit’s my black/white schema of my bike. On the disc itself, they aren’t clunky or protruding (pictured).

SRAM Level TL Disc Brake and Lever

Longevity is the biggest items in question, based off of my past experience with this same brake (detailed below). I’ve had this brake for about a month, and so far, so good. I also purchased the rear brake after failing, and can tell a difference in the lever distance between front/rear from and open to closed position. I plan to make note of the mileage, treatment, and usage on the brakes over time. If they do fail prior or even after warranty, I will circle back on the result with SRAM.

My biggest gripe would be with the longevity of the brake itself. It’s possible I had a defective brake that was outside of warranty, or it’s possible this is a similar case to others (after looking at other reviews online). Both my TL on my front and back failed in the same manner within 2 years of use. A brake bleed didn’t fix it, but I couldn’t exactly determine the cause of the issue. Essentially over time, the brake would get stuck in the closed position, which clamped down on the front tire. In fact, I ended up riding for a couple weeks without a front brake because it was strongly clamped down, which did not allow me to ride. I live in MN, do not ride in the snow, and consider my rides to be mostly intermediate with some advanced courses. Maybe it’s normal for the need of new brakes after 2 years/1,000 miles of use.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sram Level TL disc brakes hit a really good budget point while not sacrificing power in the brakes.

SRAM Level TL Disc Brake and Lever

January 11, 2022

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