SRAM GX Eagle AXS Unboxing & First Impressions [Rider Review] [Video]

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SRAM took the MTB world by storm with the introduction of their electronic AXS shifting back in 2019, and now with the GX AXS Upgrade Kits entering the ring at a more affordable price, more riders are getting their hands on this incredible tech and loving it. Read on for this rider's first impressions!



As a gear head I've always been intrigued by the SRAM AXS drivetrains, from the idea to execution to cleanliness of the cockpit. Seeing it used at the UCI competitional level proved that the tech is reliable and trustworthy, just like the mechanical Eagle X01 has been for me in the last 3 years. I've also used the Eagle GX mechanical and the Lunar 520% version of last year improved on the design and finish, giving me the confidence to go for the new GX AXS.

SRAM GX AXS Rider Review
First Impressions

The Eagle GX AXS uses the same graphical elements and colors of Eagle Expanded range, but once you open the box SRAM included a multitool branded SRAM Eagle, an AXS coaster embedding a QR code for downloading the AXS app, something that a technology company would do. You have ANT+ and Bluetooth radios on the Derailleur/ Controller, with the AXS app providing status/ firmware upgrades, all the tools you would expect from the technology gizmos of today. Overall impressed by the kit, it's ready to install and it should only take minutes to do so.

Also impressive is the fact that once you pair the controller/ shifter to the derailleur, they are ready to go, no need for the app, internet access or anything else.

The derailleur borrows from the design of the GX mechanical derailleur, using the same jockey wheels and being 520% capable. Overall weight of the GX AXS is only 50 grams more than the mechanical version, with all the tech included: gearbox, clutch, motor, batteries and wireless controllers. Pretty impressive.

SRAM GX AXS Rider Review

Final Thoughts

I have not put any miles on the drivetrain yet but my first impressions are very positive. Upgrade kit can be used with any other Eagle components and both 500 and 520% range cassette, making this the most affordable wireless shifting to date. Looking forward to enjoying the AXS shifting for years to come!

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July 03, 2021

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