SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear [Rider Review]

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There are few upgrades that even the most novice rider can feel right away. The brakes on your mountain bike is one of them. Whether it's the difference in power or the modulation it's apparent when you have new stopping power. one of our valued customers tells us about the SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear. Check it out!

SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear Rider Review


I originally purchased these brakes from Worldwide Cyclery. As usual, they were incredibly timely on getting them shipped out and I didn’t have to worry that my order would be lost in translation, especially with the pandemic. I find it very helpful that they provide a tracking number for the shipment so that I could arrange to be home and get the package promptly after delivery. They are also very helpful anytime I have a question.

I purchased the SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set to replace the SRAM level TLM brakes that originally came on my bike when I bought it. While the level TLM brakes are good overall brakes that are pretty light, they lacked the overall bite and stopping power that I was looking for as a bigger rider who wants to remain safe on the trails while having fun. I’ve always been a Shimano brake guy, but after watching the very informative and entertaining Worldwide Cyclery YouTube videos on comparing and contrasting Shimano vs. SRAM brakes, I was sold that the SRAM G2 RSCs would be the ticket for me and man am I glad I did. I love everything about them and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great overall brake.

SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear Rider Review

The brakes arrived perfectly pre-bled and ready to install so they were ready to rip right out of the box.

First, there is the adjustable bite point that is so easy to adjust with a dial right on the body of the brakes itself. With this adjustment, you can precisely adjust exactly how far the lever pulls in before the brake pads touch the rotor to exactly your liking. Also, there is the reach adjustment for the lever that is easily changed on the fly with a little nob that you can turn at any time to dial in exactly how far away the lever is from your hand so you can get exactly the position you want for maximum braking power and comfort. I have large hands; however, the lever is just the right size so that I have never had to worry about a finger slipping off the lever while braking and I find them to be a very ergonomic fit for my hands.

SRAM G2 RSC Hydraulic Disc Brake Set Front & Rear Rider Review
The two main things I was looking to upgrade was the bite and power of the brakes. The level TLMs that came on my bike just didn’t have the overall bite to stop me as fast as I would like. These brakes from worldwide Cyclery are a significant upgrade in those departments. They have all the bite you could ever want with the advantage of great modulation of braking power throughout the entire braking range.

Final Thoughts

As I discussed, these brakes have just the right amount of bite and overall power and modulation I was looking for in a brake, so my bike will be ready for a shreddy any time! I am more than happy with these brakes and would highly recommend them!

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November 25, 2020

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