SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake and Lever [Rider Review]

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The old saying "You are only as fast as how good your brakes are" rings true. If you don't have brakes that you can trust  you probably aren't going to push the limits of speed. Our friend Bradley shares his thoughts on the SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake and Lever. Check it out!

SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake and Lever Rider Review


I'm currently running a mix match of brakes on my Santa Cruz tallboy with a SRAM G2 RSC upfront and a Code RSC on the back. To contrast, I have a set of G2 r's that I run on my Santa Cruz Chameleon and also briefly ran SRAM Guides and a set of levels this summer. The SRAM G2 R's have easily been my favorite brake out of the bunch and I think to represent the best value. I believe the main differences between the RSC's and r's are that the RSC's have an adjustable "bite point" and have a camming mechanism that makes pulling the brake lever slightly easier.

SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake and Lever Rider Review

Between the RSC's and regular G2's, I don't feel penalized at all or like I missing something by not having the extra features. The G2 r's function just as well as the more expensive RSC's and if I had it to do over again, I would recommend skipping the extra features and saving a little extra cash. Between the G2 and the SRAM guides and SRAM levels which are both two-piston brake calipers, I would say that the G2's feel miles better. The guides and levels would both get overworked on sustained descents and start to feel soft. A feeling you don't really want when you are cruizing down steep grades at high speed. The G2 is the lightest 4 piston brake SRAM makes.

SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake and Lever Rider Review

They don't call them "mini Codes" for nothing.

The difference between the Codes and G2 disc brakes is like 30 or 40 grams, I think. (This information can easily be dug up online) So admittedly, it's not much of a big difference between the two. Some might rightly argue that brakes are not an area that you want to skimp on for weight. So this is why I decided to try the Codes out even though in every other aspect of the two bike builds I did this summer I decided to be a total weight weenie and spend all of my hard-earned cash on lightweight parts. Now, let me be clear. I have pushed the tallboy through its short travel limits on some of the more gnarly downhill trails living in the Pacific Northwest and I can't honestly say there has never been a time when I felt the G2's didn't perform just as well as the Codes. 

Final Thoughts

So, that's my two cents. For full-on gravity riders and downhill riders I can see skipping straight to the Codes as these are SRAMs downhill brake, but for 99.9 percent of trails that the average rider will encounter I think the G2 is sufficient. On my next build (rigid steel frame tourer) I will certainly go with the SRAM G2 R's again.

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August 30, 2021

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