SRAM Eagle Powertrain - Taking E-MTB Tech & Integration To The Next Level

Is This The Most Integrated E-MTB System On The Market?

SRAM has consistently disrupted the norm in the bike industry, this time around SRAM has its new E-Bike motor system that fully integrates SRAM's key technologies into one system. The SRAM Eagle Powertrain, a holistic approach to an E-MTB motor system. First SRAM took off the front derailleur for mountain bikes, making 1x the go-to standard with 1x11 drivetrains, then they took away the cables and wires for shifting and dropper posts with SRAM AXS, last SRAM took away the derailleur hanger with SRAM Eagle Transmission. Their latest offering, the Eagle Powertrain, is a testament to this enduring commitment to innovate while leaving zero compromises. 

SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor

One of the things I have started to love the most about SRAM over the past years is their future thinking and integration. With the recently released Pod controllers with SRAM Transmission, you have a clean two-button Pod controller on each side that can control all of your SRAM electronics, from your shifting, to your dropper post, and now your e-mtb power modes. This means a clean cockpit without wires, screens, and other nonsense that you find on most other e-bike systems. 


  • Eagle Powertrain – An integrated E-MTB system offering a seamless and holistic experience.
  • SRAM Drive Unit (Powered by BROSE): Provides a more natural pedaling experience with up to 90Nm of torque, 680W peak power, and heat-resistant materials for longer power delivery.
  • Batteries – Unique design streamlining interface between battery and drive unit; available in two variants:
    • 630WH Compact Size: Sportive, low center of gravity, 3KG, Cell 21700, Tilt-in mount.
    • 720WH Full-Size: Maximum range, 4.1KG, Cell 21700, Slide-in mount.
  • AXS Technology – Enables wireless personalization and smart control, allowing riders to layout their cockpit exactly as desired.
  • Eagle Transmission – Enhances the shifting experience; the harder you pedal, the smoother it shifts.
  • AXS Bridge Display: The control unit under gorilla glass offers a rich display and easy control functionalities.
  • AXS App: Enriching the off-bike experience, letting riders customize and check various features from their phones.

SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor


The magic of the Eagle Powertrain lies not just in its individual components but in how they integrate seamlessly for an unmatched rider experience. From the natural feeling and control offered by its power tune to the brilliant onboard extension of the AXS App in the AXS Bridge Display, everything is thoughtfully interconnected. This level of integration is especially evident in features like Auto Shift, which offers an incredibly intuitive shifting experience. With Eagle Powertrain, you can now shift while coasting, or toggle between its two modes, Range and Rally, to customize your ride based on your needs.

Range & Rally: 

Eagle Powertrain champions simplicity. Unlike other systems that clutter your experience with excessive power modes and convoluted terminology, Eagle Powertrain offers a clear choice between two easily adjustable modes, range or rally.

SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor

Range Mode:

Simply press the Pod button to engage Range Mode. Perfect for longer journeys, gentler trails, or when energy efficiency is top of mind.

Rally Mode:

Switch to Rally Mode when you're in the mood for shorter, spirited rides and wish to unlock the system's maximum power potential. Embrace clarity and ease.

SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor

Worldwide’s Final Thoughts:

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is not just another E-MTB system; it's a revolution. With future thinking integration combined with some of the top tech in the mountain bike industry, the SRAM Eagle Powertrain really connects each part of SRAM’s wireless ecosystem for the best user experience yet. We are already looking forward to seeing what brands develop a bike around this E MTB system, and hoping those come sooner rather than later so we can get some time riding them. As we pedal into the future, the Eagle Powertrain sets the pace, reaffirming SRAM's commitment to enhancing the riding experience. Go for power, go for fun, go for the Eagle Powertrain. 

 SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor

SRAM Eagle Powertrain E-MTB Motor FAQ:

What is Eagle Powertrain?

Eagle Powertrain presents the seamless integration of Eagle Transmission into a holistic E-MTB system. Eagle Powertrain provides unrivaled compatibility, system integration and unique rider functionality.

Which parts does the system consist of?

  • Eagle Powertrain AXS Bridge Display
  • Eagle Powertrain Battery 630Wh/


  • Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit
  • Eagle Powertrain Speed Sensor and Speed Ring
  • Eagle Powertrain Wire Harness and Display Cable
  • Eagle Powertrain Charge Port
  • Eagle Powertrain Battery Mount (C-Shape and Slide-In)
  • Eagle Powertrain Charger
  • Eagle Transmission
  • AXS Pod Controller

Additional Components

  • Eagle Powertrain Extension Cord

for derailleur

  • Eagle Powertrain RangeExtender 250Wh
  • Eagle Powertrain Bridge Cable for RangeExtender
  • Eagle Powertrain Y-Cable

How is Powertrain integrated into the AXS ecosystem?

Eagle Powertrain is seamlessly integrated into the AXS ecosystem and offers wireless Pod Controllers and full AXS communication through the AXS bridge display. It also features unique AXS App features.

What is the power output of the Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit?

The Drive Unit delivers 680W peak power and up to 90Nm of torque.

What makes it different to an E-Bike with Eagle Transmission?

Only Eagle Powertrain offers a full system integration approach with intuitive controls and a clean cockpit delivering a simple way to control the e-bike, Transmission, and AXS seatpost. Additionally, the combination of Eagle Powertrain with Eagle Transmission gives the rider unique access to the most robust automatic shifting and coast shifting

Is it race proven?

Racing has always been a big part of the SRAM heritage and we want to provide products that enable riders to gain the maximum out of their experience. Two years ago, we began racing Eagle Powertrain to develop and ultimately validate its performance. Our rider Yannick Pontal (SRAM BlackBox Team) won the 2022 EWS-E overall title on the system. In this current EDR-E season multiple teams are competing on Eagle Powertrain systems, further val

What’s the system weight?

  • Drive Unit 2.9kg
  • 630Wh battery 3.1kg
  • 720Wh battery 4.1kg

What are the battery options?

  • 630Wh for open down tube frame designs
  • 720Wh for slide-in and closed downtube frame designs

Are the European and North American systems different?

The hardware is the same, but Eagle Powertrain is configured to meet the local speed regulations. It will assist riders up to a maximum speed of 25 Km/h in Europe and 20 mph (32 Km/h) North America.

Does Auto Shift lead to more efficient use of the motor?

Automatic shifting keeps the rider in a consistent and comfortable cadence which can improve efficiency for riders that ride at lower cadence. Additionally, the start cog is likely going to be larger with Auto Shifting on, which would result in less power draw from a high torque, low rpm start.

What happens if the main battery is empty mid-ride?

If the state of charge is at 0% the battery will still offer enough capacity for at least 2h of unsupported riding with lights and shifting.

How long does it take to charge the system?

Charging times with the standard 4A charger from 0 to 100%

  • 720Wh battery = ~5 hours
  • 630Wh battery = ~4.5 hours
  • 250Wh RangeExtender = ~2 hours

Will SRAM offer Auto Shift for other E-MTB systems?

Shifting features are unique to the SRAM Eagle Powertrain system.

Is it possible to integrate my Hammerhead or third-party head unit?

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain System features ANT+ LEV and PWR and can be paired with either a Hammerhead or third party device. Following data is accessible via the protocol:

  • Current speed
  • Current assist mode
  • Battery state of charge
  • Remaining range
  • Selected gear
  • Rider power

What light systems are compatible?

All light systems with front and rear light and 12V/24W specification.

Can I ride my bike without Pod Controllers?

No. The Eagle Powertrain System can only be controlled with the Pod Controllers.

Who is my contact for service and warranty?

The point of contact for riders is a SRAM Service Location or direct sales bike brand. Dealers with the SRAM e-bike tool can perform basic system diagnosis and service.

Can I update firmware and system via the AXS App?

The system can be updated through the AXS App like all other AXS components.


What motor support modes does Powertrain offer?

The system offers two modes to simplify the ride experience: Range and Rally. Range mode biases the system towards achieving longer rides by reducing power. Rally mode provides the maximum power output. Both modes can be fully customized by the rider using the AXS App.

What is automatic shifting?

Automatic Shifting allows the rider to be fully focused on the riding and less on shifting. Automatic Shifting monitors rider cadence and aims to keep it consistent by managing shifts up and down the cassette without the rider needing to input shift actuations at the AXS Pod.

Can I adjust Auto Shift to my personal riding style?

Automatic shifting can be customized by the rider to the specific personal riding style and preferred cadence. The system offers seven different steps so every rider can find their sweet spot.

What is Coast Shift? How does it work?

Coast shift allows the rider to shift without pedaling. The system can turn the chainring independently from the cranks to change gears when accelerating or decelerating under braking or terrain changes. This allows for intuitive down shifts when approaching a stop or fast and precise shifting in a descending trail scenario without the risk of pedal strikes.

How does the push function work?

Push mode is a simple “press and hold” function activated from the left Pod Controller and slight movement of the bike. Push mode allows the rider to push the bike up in steep terrain or even stairs with ease by delivering motor support up to 6 km/h.

Which button does what on the AXS Pods?

With two Pod Controllers there are four dedicated buttons available to control the system.

  • Top right button single click: outboard shift
  • Bottom right button single click: inboard shift
  • Top right button long press: Automatic shifting On/Off
  • Bottom right button long press: Cadence set point adjustment for Automatic Shift.
  • Top left button single click: Ride Mode adjustment
  • Bottom left button click or hold: Reverb AXS
  • Top left button press & hold: Push mode activation

How can I customize my controls?

You can configure your AXS controls using the AXS App. Connect to your system using the AXS App and configure your shift direction, ride modes, seatpost. Only push mode cannot be customized (must be top left press and hold). Assigning the AXS Reverb to top left will remove push mode functionality for safety reasons.


What drivetrains are compatible with Powertrain?

To take advantage of all Powertrain features and benefits the system should be paired with a SRAM XX, XX, X0, or GX Eagle Transmission. Powertrain can also be used with mechanical or Eagle AXS drivetrains but riders lose Auto Shift and Coast Shift functionality if they don’t run a Transmission groupset.

What is the motor platform?

Eagle Powertrain includes a SRAM motor powered by Brose. We leverage an experienced supplier for hardware, but the drive unit is programmed to be optimized for E-MTB and works exclusively with the Eagle Powertrain system.

Is the system compatible with a Battery RangeExtender?

SRAM offers a specific 250Wh RangeExtender for the Eagle Powertrain system. The RangeExtender features a proprietary holder system that allows to mount either the RangeExtender or a bottle cage of choice to the frame.

How does the system use the additional capacity of the RangeExtender?

When using the RangeExtender, the system will drain the RangeExtender in Range mode and the main battery when in Rally mode. This way we use both batteries in the most efficient way.

Can I remove the battery to charge it?

Eagle Powertrain bikes will be available with both removable and permanently mounted batteries. Consult the bike manufacturer for details on your specific frame.

Why does the Speed Ring have multiple magnets? Is there a Center Lock variant available?

Multiple magnets deliver a higher resolution speed signal allowing us to realize fast and precise automatic shifting. There is no Center Lock Speed Ring available.

Can I use a different chain ring size?

The system is optimized for the specific chain ring size that the bike comes with from the factory. Changing the size of the chainring is not possible.

Can I use a different brake system than SRAM?

The system is compatible with third party brake systems. However, in combination with SRAM Stealth brakes, the system will feature the cleanest e-bike cockpit available.

Is it possible to use another seatpost than the RockShox Reverb AXS?

The system is compatible with mechanical dropper posts. However, some dropper remotes might cause interference with the left Pod Controller.

Can I use my previous AXS Controller with the original paddle or the Rocker paddle?

No. Eagle Powertrain is only compatible with the Pod Controller due to various e-bike specific functions.

Do I need to have separate AXS batteries for my rear derailleur and AXS seatpost?

The rear derailleur can be powered through the main battery using the extension cord. The AXS Reverb requires an AXS battery.

Is Eagle Powertrain compatible with RockShox Flight Attendant suspension?

Yes, Eagle Powertrain is compatible with Flight Attendant. If paired with RockShox Flight Attendant, the drive unit will function as the pedal sensor.


What App do I use to configure the system?

Eagle Powertrain can be adjusted with the SRAM AXS App.

Do I need the App to ride my bike?

The rider does not need the App to ride the bike. However, the App features additional functions and allows riders to customize the system.

Do I need to configure anything before I can ride?

No, as long as all AXS components are paired, the bike is ready to ride.

Compared to other AXS systems, why can only some buttons be customized?

Due to safety and legal requirements, push mode button assignment cannot be customized.

What information and ride stats can I retrieve from the App?

  • AXS components paired with the display
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Hardware and firmware versions
  • Drive unit odometer
  • Component charge
  • Component temperature
  • Battery charge, charge cycle, and health
  • Diagnostics and error messages
  • New firmware availability

September 28, 2023

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