SRAM Code RSC Disc Brakes: Rider Review

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There are a ton of brakes to choose from right now and there probably always will be. With such a wide variety, it can be hard knowing which brake set you should be running. Sticking with companies like SRAM who have been making brakes for years is always a safe bet. SRAM's Code RSC Brakes are a staple in the Downhill and Enduro side of the industry and they are also some of our favorite brakes here at the shop. Our buddy Chris recently upgraded his brakes to some Code RSC's. Let's see what he thought:

An Honest Review from Chris:

SRAM Code RSC are worth breaking the bank for a pair of adjustable braking calipers and brake levers. Let’s take a look at our install and the 3 days of riding downhill at Thunder Mountain over the first weekend of October 2020. In the box, you get front and rear calipers with very nice brake levers and 2 brake line threading screws with 2 barrels. Brakes are sent with the thought you can plug and play. Its a nice Idea but the brake lines are long enough for a tandem bike. The caliper is beefier where the brake pad sits and uses a different pad than the SRAM Guide.

You get 4 pistons per caliper. They look the same as SRAM Guide but SRAM says the pistons are larger. We had two stuck pistons that needed exercising. The brake levers are a nice black composite with an adjustable trim wheel. No slop up or down on the levers. the adjustable screw for lever distance to grip is very nice and precise. My son and I installed the SRAM Code RSC to his new Santa Cruz Nomad Frame. On the front caliper, we had contact from the Stainless steel heat shield rubbing the 203 rotor. Needed to add a spacer to prevent the rubbing. We laughed at the access brake lines. But hey it’s easier to cut and not add.

SRAM Code RSC Brake Review at Worldwide Cyclery

We worked on the front brake line first. I had placed newspaper under our bike stand thinking brake fluid would flow like a gusher. Oh boy was I wrong. No fluid leaked out of the brake reservoir. We grabbed our dot 5 fluid and syringes for 2 brake bleeds. Bummer, air everywhere in the 2 system. After the job was done Id estimate we added 1.5oz to the whole system. No leaks, But not impressed with the factory brake bleed.

The next morning we packed our camping gear and headed north to Thunder Mountain for some chair assist riding. I totally bugged my son on those trim wheels on the brake lever. Every time he'd say, I don't know. I need to break the pads in first. Wet and rain on day 1. He didn't notice a difference from his old SRAM Guides. Day 2 nice and sunny with lots of leaves on the trails. Same response from the kid, I don't know dad, they are more responsive than the SRAM Guides, and I'm riding super slow. The pads weren't dragging I think day 2 was operator kid error. Day 3 carbon copy of yesterday's weather. We raced hard and I asked, what are those trim wheels. Sense wheels dad. What? Sense wheels, Yes.

SRAM Code RSC Brake Review at Worldwide Cyclery


"I love these brake. They are so sweet. So those trim wheels push the pistons closer to the rotor. Giving the rider more adjustability without killer modulation. The levers are dialed in so it's like feathering the pads. Pretty neat. My son is very particular about what is great and what is sweet. Well, If these brakes don't break your piggy bank I’d get yourself a set if you're big at downhill." 

SRAM Code RSC Brakes at Worldwide Cyclery

October 12, 2020

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