SRAM Code RSC Brake Set [Rider Review]

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The biggest confidence booster when riding mountain bikes is knowing that you can trust your brakes. Especially when bombing downhill tracks. SRAM offers the Code RSC brakes for pure powerful braking. Our friend, Fritz, has been running the Codes. See what they think!

SRAM Code RSC Hydraulic Brakes


In the summer of 2020, I purchased a 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy. My first serious trail bike, the build came with SRAM Code R brakes stock. The four-piston brakes were the main contributor to my decision to settle on this specific model. as I had never experienced this type of brake before. Additionally, I had become more interested in gravity-focused riding, which would often cause me to overwork my brakes and forearms on long descents. I was initially overjoyed with the balance in power and modulation. Over time, I lost a bit of this due to pad wear and pressure leakage. After enough crashing, I bent both brake levers. Next, I thoroughly contaminated both the pads and rotors. My brakes were toast, and I was not really sure where to start fixing things. I originally planned to upgrade the brakes piece by piece, but Worldwide Cyclery had the full set for a decent price that I could finance through Affirm. So, I got the SRAM Code RSC brake set as an upgrade to the original stock Code R brake set.

SRAM Code RSC Hydraulic Brakes

Truthfully, I can not speak to how difficult or easy the SRAM Code RSC brakes are to install, as I had a professional do that for me. However, swapping pads was a breeze and the tool-free adjustments work well. The contact point adjuster was a big feature that the Code RSC brakes had which the Code R brakes did not. I have been able to dial in the braking feel much better than I had previously set it, and my cockpit feels better than ever.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I am very pleased with the upgrade I made to the SRAM Code RSC brake set. I have experienced marked improvements in braking power, braking modulation, and brake endurance. The arm pump was reduced, and I was able to modulate the brakes on steeper sections more easily. They may be overkill for some mellower trail days, but I would rather have too much brake than not enough (and I only have room for one MTB in my life). The levers feel night and day compared to my bent levers. The only suggestion I would provide to others is to consider swapping your rotors if you feel they may have become deeply contaminated. I say this because I did a deep clean of both rotors prior to swapping the brakes, but the rear rotor continued to squeal. It eventually contaminated the brand new pads that came with my new R S C brakes, which was frustrating. I got a new rotor and replaced the pads, and we are back rolling/not rolling again. Overall, I feel that I am faster through portions of the trail compared to my speed prior to the brake upgrade. At the same time, I feel much more in control when traveling at these speeds. I am very pleased with the upgrade I made to the SRAM Code RSC brake set.

 SRAM Code RSC Hydraulic Brakes

April 14, 2022

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