SRAM Code R Disc Brake and Lever [Rider Review]

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SRAM Code brakes are a staple when it comes to riding downhill. With great power, modulation, and value, you'll want to keep the Code R brakes on your radar. Our friend, John just put them on his bike. Check out what they think!

SRAM Code R Disc Brake and Lever


I purchased these SRAM Code R brakes to replace the SRAM Guide RS brakes on my 2019 YT Jeffsy. I run a 200 mm centerline rotor in the front and 180 mm centerline rotor in the rear and primary use this 150mm travel bike as an all mountain/enduro rig.

I was very happy with the performance of the Guide brakes for normal trail riding, but I experienced significant brake fade on longer descents. This loss of braking power was more pronounced on back to back descents. I bled the brakes numerous times, tried different kinds of pads, etc, but I still continued to have the same issues. At the end of long technical downhill runs my forearms were shot from pulling the brake levers. Yes, I should probably continue to work on my forearm strength but since I’m probably not gonna look like Popeye anytime soon I went ahead and bought some new brakes.

SRAM Code R Disc Brake and Lever

I considered many different braking options (including other brands) but decided that I really did not want to replace two perfectly good rotors. This basically left me to decide between the SRAM Code R or the CODE RSC brakes. If money was not an object I would have gone for the RSC version based on reviews, but I decided that the R version was better for my budget and performance needs.

I have used the CODE R brakes now for five weeks and have been very happy with their overall performance!

The modulation has felt similar to the Guide RS but have not experienced the brake fade issues that I experienced with the Guides. I was somewhat concerned that the Code Rs might have too much initial bite in the first stage of braking for my liking but that has not been the case. I have found these bakes to be easy to install, easy to adjust reach, and most importantly very good at stopping me in a predictable manner which did not decrease over long descents.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend the SRAM Code R brakes for their feel and consistent braking performance that does not fade over long descents. In fairness, I have not used these brakes yet in supper hot conditions but I have some experience in both wet and dry conditions and have been happy with the predictable performance. Additionally, I do not have personal experience with the RSC version of CODEs so I am not certain how they would compare to the R version. However, I am very happy with my decision to purchase these brakes and they have addressed the primary concern I had with the SRAM Guides.

SRAM Code R Disc Brake and Lever

January 05, 2022

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