SRAM CenterLine Disc Brake Rotor [Rider Review]

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Not all disc brake rotors are created equal. SRAM's Centerline rotors offer outstanding performance in a myriad of conditions and are available for all sorts of bikes from gravel to gravity. Our friend Eric recently upgraded the rotors on his all road machine and loves the stopping power. Read on for more!

SRAM CenterLine Disc Brake Rotor Rider Review


I purchased two SRAM CenterLine disc brake rotors (160 MM) from Worldwide Cyclery about a month ago. They arrived within a week of when I placed the order. I purchased them to replace a set of Shimano RT56S rotors that were on my Niner RLT-9 gravel bike. The Shimano rotors only work with resin pads and seemed kind of flimsy. They also required a good bit of squeezing on the brake levers to get any stopping power. They were also starting to show some rust spots and I just didn't trust them on long gravel descents.

The install was extremely easy since they are center lock. All I had to do was unscrew the lock ring with a special wrench and pop the old one off and slide the new one on, then reinstall the lock ring. Centerlock rotors are much faster to swap than the 6-bolt design, but I guess you are pretty much locked into whichever type of hub you have on your wheels. After installing them on the wheels, I bed them in by doing about 10 almost complete stops from about 15 mph to 5 mph using only the front brake and then 10 stops using only the rear brake. Doing this procedure is essential to get the rotors broken in and get any braking power. You have to do the same procedure if you install new pads as well.

SRAM Centerline Disc Brake Rotor Rider Review

I could instantly tell a difference in the performance of the new rotors compared to the Shimano ones I removed. There was more braking power with the same effort and I didn't have to squeeze the levers nearly as hard to come to a quick stop.

These new rotors should be much better at dissipating heat as well. Another plus is that I can use metallic pads, which I prefer over resin pads. I actually use these SRAM CenterLine rotors on both of my mountain bikes as well (in 180 MM size). They seem to work equally well with either SRAM or Shimano brakes. On my Niner RLT-9, I am using them with SRAM Rival Hydro brakes. I have Shimano XT 2 piston brakes on both of the mountain bikes and there is no rubbing of the rotors on the pads while riding.

Final Thoughts

They have provided excellent stopping power in all situations from dry and dusty to wet and muddy descents. I would definitely recommend these rotors to anyone looking for a new set. The price is great and I haven't had any quality or performance issues at all. Worldwide Cyclery is my go to shop for ordering online bike parts! Everything I have ever ordered from them has arrived quickly and in perfect condition!

 SRAM Centerline Disc Brake Rotors Rider Review

September 15, 2021

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