Special Guest: Revel Bikes Founder Adam Miller Talks 3D Printed Carbon Revel Rodeo, Bike Prices & Much More...Ep. 108 [Podcast]

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A 3D Printed Downhill Bike With CBF Suspension?

Yup, you are reading that right. Revel Bikes is releasing its newest project bike, the Revel Rodeo downhill bike. A 200mm travel CBF suspension bike that is 3D printed from some of the world's most advanced 3D printing technology in Silicon Valley. We caught up with Adam from Revel Bikes and recorded a podcast where you can listen to Adam talk about the Rodeo in his own words. Working with Arevo Inc, Adam Miller (founder of Revel Bikes), Chris Canfield (Inventor of CBF) and Jordan Haffener (Revel Bikes Senior Engineer) set out to create a concept bike using new manufacturing methods and pushing the envelope of what can be done by not only manufacturing bike frames but also doing so in a more responsible manner. Concept bike you might ask? Yes. As in the car world, Revel is releasing this as a concept bike for now meaning it's not for sale just yet. One of the purposes is to test that this could be made on a bike platform that handles the most challenging riding out there. From the fastest riders in the world to the riders with the biggest huevos jumping down cliffs at Red Bull Rampage, a downhill bike has to withstand gnarly stuff. So while the Rodeo looks amazing, and I'm sure it rides even better, for now it's just a dream to come true down the road. Currently, with the manufacturing methods and the amount of engineering/programming time, this frameset would be extremely expensive. So if you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, and I mean a lot of money, like Jeff Bezos money, then maybe get in touch and we can work something out. 

Revel Rodeo Downhill Bikes

Revel Bikes is not new to pushing the status quo of carbon manufacturing in the bike industry. Three years ago in 2020 (yeah, that feels weird to type), Revel released their own rims made from Fusion Fiber, the Revel RW30 Wheels. We have a whole article going in-depth about these wheels and how they are made, but in short, the rims are made from a thermoplastic using nylon as the “glue” holding the carbon fiber particles together. Not only is nylon a better material when it comes to environmental aspects, but unlike brittle epoxy, nylon has a more forgiving feel, giving you a smooth ride. In addition, Fusion Fiber has a much faster mold time with less heat, and maybe the best part of Fusion Fiber is it’s 100% downcycle-able. This means that if the rim breaks, it can be cut down into smaller pieces and re-made into smaller parts. Check out our video and article all about Revel’s RW30 wheels with Fusion Fiber. 

Revel Rodeo Downhill Bikes

Specs & Geometry: 

The specs and geometry are what you would expect from a modern downhill bike. With 200mm of travel front and rear, 29” wheels front and rear, and a CBF suspension platform, this bike is ready to ride like a bucking bronco. The Rodeo is currently made in two sizes (hypothetically made?): S1 and S2. The S1 sports a reach of 448 while the S2 with 475mm and wheelbase numbers of 1266mm and 1293mm, respectively. Other notable numbers include a 443 chainstay length, a 62.7-degree head tube angle, and a 355mm bottom bracket height. 

Revel Rodeo Downhill Bike Geometry

What's Worldwide's Takeaway?:

Having personally been to the Carbondale Rodeo with the Revel Bikes crew, it's certainly fitting that this USA-made downhill bike is named after their summer weekly tradition. As many who have ridden a downhill bike have had times where they thought they were riding a bull, the Revel Rodeo might be able to tame that trail like a true cowboy. Stoked is an understatement when we not only heard that Revel was creating a downhill bike but that it was made using advanced 3D printing technology that is combined with thermoplastics. It’s a true game changer in bicycle frame manufacturing and a look into the future. Faster prototyping, geometry changes or customization, less waste along with the possibility of being downcycled after the life of the bike. While purchasing the Rodeo is a few years down the road, working with a company that is not only looking to push the industry but looking for more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods is very exciting. To check out more on the Rodeo, head to Revel’s site

Revel Rodeo Downhill Bikes

March 14, 2023

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