Spank Oozy 280 Saddle Geoff Gulevich Edition: Rider Review

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Finding the right saddle is all about trial and error. Once you find the right one though, there will be no going back. In this review, our customer Cody swaps out his WTB Volt in favor of a Spank Oozy 280. How did it go? Read on to find out more!

Spank Oozy 280 Saddle Rider Review


You might be leery of using a saddle made by a company named “Spank.” However, my experience with the Spank Oozy 280 has been the opposite of a sore behind. Instead, I have found a reasonably priced seat that checks all the boxes for a solid trail saddle. This review will cover the build of the Spank Oozy 280, my intended use. I’ll then cover how the Spank Oozy 280 saddle meets my uses, and my perceived advantages and disadvantages.

Saddle Design

The design of the Oozy 280 is that with a shorter nose compared to other saddles, it is also more squared-off. It has a slim profile from the side, without obnoxious branding that is usually found on competitor saddles. The rear of the saddle is relatively flat, rather than ramped like in some other designs. The covering material is not overly grippy, but also not slick when wet. The sit bone area has some texturing to account for wear. The padding allows for some give as well but does not pack in or compress, even after extended periods of sitting.

Spank Oozy 280 Saddle Rider Review

My Saddle Needs

I was looking to replace the stock WTB Volt 135mm seat on my Surly Ice Cream Truck. For those that don’t know, the Surly Ice Cream Truck is a steel, fully rigid, 5-inch tire fat bike. I use the bike for anything from XC to trail riding, which means I was looking for a saddle that was could cover a range of riding conditions. Due to my personal measurements, I needed a seat that was wider and was comfortable to sit on for extended climbs. The saddle also needed to get “out of the way,” when needed, for the more technical stuff. I did not need a saddle that was oriented towards racing.

Spank Oozy 280 saddle rider review


The Spank Oozy 280 checks all the boxes for what I was looking for as a replacement. What the Oozy 280 exceeds at is the build quality and no-frills design. It is simple and checks all the boxes for a saddle that is focused on trail riding. I would describe the saddle as a "happy-medium" design, as it is not necessarily oriented to racing versus complete comfort. Due to the nose being shorter, it allows me to "float," and adjust my seating position while riding, compared to a saddle that forces me to maintain a specific position. The flat rear design also helps greatly in this same regard- I can change the way I sit on it while riding, compared to a saddle that ramps up on the rear. I also appreciate that the saddle doesn’t scream its branding in your face. What finally drew me to this saddle is the price. The price is very competitive against other saddles in the "performance/enthusiast" sector.

Spank Oozy 280 saddle rider review

Minor Changes

My suggestions for improvement on this saddle are short. The first thing I noticed upon installing the saddle is the lack of numbers on the measurement increments on the rails. While this might seem nit-picky, at the very least a printed “zero” to mark the center of the rails would be appreciated. During my first couple of rides with the saddle, I also noticed it would slide backwards, even when the seat rail clamps on my seatpost were tightened to specifications. I believe this is due to the finish on the rails, which is slick to the touch, and doesn’t “bite” when clamped. A simple remedy for me to this problem was to add some fiber grip paste to the rails before tightening, and more use to rough up the surface of the rails.


For those of you looking for a straightforward, no bells and whistles saddle with a clean build quality for your trail bike, the Spank Oozy 280 should fit your needs.

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October 13, 2019

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