Schwalbe G One Tires: Customer Review

Larger volume road tires seem to be a trend but are certainly not just a fad. These 30C Schwalbe G One tires offer a great amount of comfort and durability that when mounted on your road bike, allow you to go anywhere. Our customer Matt Serra has his Giant road bike set up to hit the road, dirt, and gravel, all with one setup. Check it out!

Schwalbe G One Tires Customer Review


I've been running these tires on my road bike for the past 2 months, and so far I have nothing but positive things to say. They seated to my rims fairly easily with a little bit of compressed air, and just barely clear the front fork on my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1. I wanted something fitting to the characteristics of this "endurance" road bike - I want to be able to go anywhere, ride some dirt/gravel roads here and there, and be comfortable on the road but still keep a decent pace.

Schwalbe G One Tires Customer Review


These tires do not disappoint. After a few hundred miles of use on mixed conditions (road, dirt/gravel), they are outstanding. They roll very fast and have just enough of a dimpled tread pattern and width that they're not completely sketchy in off-road conditions. They're also extremely comfortable in all conditions I've ridden them in, especially so on the road. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud compared to 23c and 25c width tires. I am currently running them at 65psi front 75psi rear, tubeless with Orange Seal, and I'll drop to around 55psi front and 65psi rear for dirt roads.

Schwalbe G One Tires Customer Review

Final Thoughts

They also show no visible wear after a few hundred miles, and have not had a single puncture (knock on wood). Overall, I'm very satisfied and if you also value high amounts of grip and comfort with little to no downside in rolling resistance, you'll agree. As long as they fit your bike, I highly recommend these tires.

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June 05, 2018

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